Analyse Your Success with Release Reports

MediaHQ makes it easy to review how your releases have performed and to create detailed reports to share with your team.

Helping International Brands

  • Press Release Open Rate

    Our reports provide the key metrics you need to determine the success of your releases, including the open rate, number of clicks and opt outs. This makes it easier than ever to learn from each release you send and improve your results over time.

  • Compare with Industry Averages

    Industry averages help you to see where you stand among your PR peers and to determine the success of your releases and campaigns.

  • Create Reports and Compare Releases

    MediaHQ makes it easy to create detailed and accessible release reports in PDF form that you can share with your colleagues and superiors to keep them informed on your performance. You can also compare the success of individual releases.

  • Identify Most Responsive Journalists

    Get an overview which journalists showed the most interest in each press release, making it easy to determine who is most likely to pick up on your stories in the future and who to avoid.