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Finding the right journalists for your PR story shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. We’ve built a media database that’s simple to use, with a fast and powerful search, great reports and an email system that delivers results.

PR Tools

The right journalists in seconds, simple search and great reports.

Whatever the story—find the right journalists in seconds, build a media list, send it straight to their inbox and get amazing reports.


Find the right journalists in seconds. Simple search delivers the right results by individual, organisation, TV/radio show, podcast, newspaper column and regular feature.


Make contacts into dynamic media lists in seconds. Find journalists by individual, organisation, TV/radio show, podcast, newspaper column and regular features.


We verify your email and make sure your story gets to the right place. Send your press release from your email to email lists or pitch individually.


MediaHQ shows detailed results from your pitch or press release send. We give you the right success metrics information to show how successful you’ve been.

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Built for great PR teams

Whatever your job is in PR, MediaHQ can help you do it better. We help PR teams to find the right journalists fast, save time, eliminate the grunt work and make the news.

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Punch above your weight

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Better client results.

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Run efficiently. Hit the mark.

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Important news, fast-paced, high volume.

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Connect your cause.

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You're in great company

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