Detailed Insight

Our powerful PR software gives you a detailed insight into the performance of your press releases with comprehensive and extensive reports built directly into the system.

Helping International Brands

  • Improve Your Releases

    Our expert PR software allows you to improve and reflect on your past and present releases with expert insights. Compare your performance to your industry average.

  • Send Your Story Directly Through MediaHQ

    By sending your story directly through the MediaHQ PR Software we can give you detailed insight and analysis on a number of essential metrics.

  • Who clicked and when?

    Find out who opens your press release and when. Use these insights to develop relationships with key media contacts.

  • Manage Your Bounce Rate

    Manage your bounce rate with expert reporting features. With up to 97% deliverability rate our dedicated research team work hard to get your press release delivered. That’s over 20% better than our closest competitors.

    Shows Press Releases being sent by MediaHQ Media Contacts PR Software