What is press release distribution, and how do MediaHQ services work?

Lets start from the top. To state it simply. Press release distribution sends your release out to different locations, targets a selected media contact or posts your release on a single website. This way, journalists can search for and find releases related to certain businesses and organisations.

The struggle & how MediaHQ enhances your chances of PR pick up

The average PR and communications professional uses press release distribution to get their stories to the places that will garner the most press coverage. However, the battle ground is fierce because all journalists have access to the same information equally. The more exclusive the content a journalist can find and have access to, the better chance it will get coverage. Therefore, although a story may be deemed newsworthy there is no guaranteed pick up. For freelance writers and press release specialists, this can be detrimental because they are unable to move a piece. However, press release distribution services like MediaHQ are here to help you find the right journalist for your story.

How MediaHQ does it better

Here at MediaHQ, we see hundreds of press releases pass through our system every week. The world of modern PR can be taxing and strenuous on even the most patient of professionals. Carrying out an effective PR strategy and making sure your message is distributed effectively to the right contacts can be a tricky feat as journalists are constantly moving jobs. 


Step-by-step guide to distributing your press release


Finding the right journalists 

Most PR pros rarely get the time to update their media base as they’re busy crafting their PR campaigns. However, this means that there’s a chance for your press releases to be distributed to wrong email addresses. Journalists are always on the move. 

By using an online media contacts database service integrated with a press release distribution platform, you don’t have this problem. Take for instance here at MediaHQ, we have a team of researchers who analyse all the contacts in the database on an ongoing basis (day after day) and keeps them updated. Thanks to this, our clients reduce the risk of sending their press releases to incorrect email addresses and minimises the bounce rate, and they can be sure that their work doesn’t go to waste.


Agile way of distributing your press release

If you do not have an agile way of distributing your press release, you’ll be stuck in a rut. For example, if journalists in your media base aren’t properly tagged, it might be hard for you to know who to distribute your newest releases to. Sending them to everyone on your list may be a small mistake when done once but can affect your open rate in the long run if done repeatedly. Journalists will start perceiving you as a spammer and won’t bother to read another press release sent from your company’s address.

Solution? Tag and group your contacts according to areas that they cover. Ultimately, press release distribution platforms can do the job of tagging for you leaving you with enough time to concentrate on your other PR tasks.

Send your pitch at the right time

To effectively distribute your press release, timing is everything. Deciding when to send your release can be the difference between your story getting picked up or it falling flat.

PR pros often use gut feelings to judge when to send their press releases. Experience and instinct takes over and you end up choosing a date just because it feels like the right time to do so. While this can work well for a lot of campaigns it is risky, sometimes your gut instinct is not always right. Instead, we recommend you sit down and plan what day and time you will send your press release. 


What questions can you ask yourself? Who are you targeting, when do they work, what way should you contact them? The answers to these questions generally gives you the answer you need. So, the ultimate question to ask yourself is, when is the best time for this story?

To take the grunt work off yourself, you can schedule your release to send through a press release distribution software. This means you don’t have to spend your Sunday chained to your desk, instead you can enjoy your weekend knowing your press release has been delivered at the right time to the right contacts.



So when it comes to effectively distributing your press release, here are the key things to remember:

Make sure to use an online press release distribution service as it will save you a lot of time.

Find the right contacts for your press release, pitching only those who are likely to find the story of interest. 

Choose the right day and time for your pitch ensuring you build in sufficient time for them to consider it.

Hit the headlines within seconds with our media contacts lists.

Media coverage can amplify a story and add third-party credibility to a message. With our media list & PR distribution software journalists and bloggers are dubbing MediaHQ as a necessity in regards to media lists.

Taking the grunt work out of PR

MediaHQ is the one-stop media intelligence tool. In one place you can build media lists, distribute press releases, pitch your story and read press release reports. MediaHQ will transform the way you work, making sharing your news instant and hassle free. Communications teams of all shapes and sizes benefit from MediaHQ.

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How do I use MediaHQ to connect & engage with target audiences across Ireland & the UK?

Let our dedicated customer success team guide you today. Our powerful PR software gives you control. Send or schedule press releases from your own email address to several of your media lists. Our duplication filter ensures that none of your contacts will receive the same release twice.