PR spotlight: Dogs Trust Ireland

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By Muireann Beasley

It’s time to shine a light on Dog’s Trust Ireland, who this week issued an SMR through our system and got an outstanding number of views.

The SMR came across our radar because it was simply PR perfect.

Dog’s Trust have thrown us a bone here, so let’s look at what we can learn from their SMR in terms of getting it right.


Flashed across the top of their SMR, they have an image of a little dog jumping for joy against a backdrop of a dogs face on a campaign poster. This picture not only pulls at the heart strings but it also incorporates a degree humour, something missing from a lot of press releases, and smrs.

2. Topical

The release was entitled ‘Dogs trust Julius gets pawlitical at election time’. This title combined with the image of the dog on a campaign poster makes the release relevant and topical. Combining their statement with an issue that is ongoing in the media is exceptionally clever. This is something that should be done across all SMR’s.

3. Emotional

The SMR is written in such away that it plays to the readers emotional side. Emotional content can be really effective and if it’s possible to use it when writing your SMR, you should. Here at MediaHQ.com we know that not all business can make emotional content work for there business, but a little, can go a long way.


So there you have it, there’s always a lesson to be learned. Would you like to learn more about how to write the perfect press release? Read More here.



Muireann Beasley

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