Pitching tips from Ireland’s top journalists – eBook

19.07.18 eBook

Sending out press releases can be a tricky business. Thinking of an eye-catching story headline, a snappy email subject line, researching the story and reaching out to people for quotes can be time-consuming. You send it out to the media in the hopes it will get picked up, and even then it’s still not guaranteed.

Here at MediaHQ, we run a regular ‘5 Minutes with the Media’ series. In this series, we catch up with media professionals working in the Irish landscape from print, radio and TV as well as digital platforms. We want to get an insight into what it’s like to work in the industry as well as a behind the scenes look. In order to turn the tables around and get information directly from the horse’s mouth at the end of the interview, we sneak in the question: “Any pitching tips for those looking to share a story?”

Having chatted to some of Ireland’s best and brightest, we have compiled all the pitching tips into one eBook for your convenience!

View and Download the eBook here!

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