The Ultimate Media Database

MediaHQ is the all in one Media Database for communications teams. Our Powerful Media Contacts software has an extensive database with over 60,000 contacts that is used by communications teams throughout the UK and Ireland. With built in press release distribution and in-depth reporting features MediaHQ is the perfect PR tool for any communication team looking to find the perfect journalist for their story. MediaHQ will take the grunt work out of your PR and help you make the news

Helping Leading International Brands

  • Eliminate The Grunt Work

    Our clients save valuable time by using our Media Contacts Database to find the perfect journalist for their story in seconds. Our powerful PR software eliminates the need for data entry giving you the most up to date media database on the market. Our dedicated research team updates the system daily to ensure that dead contacts are a thing of the past giving you the time to focus on the important stuff.

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    Building A Media List
  • Work Better with our PR Tools

    Our expert PR tools empower PR teams to effectively identify and engage with the right journalists for their story. Build media lists, distribute press releases, pitch your story and get detailed press release reports on sends, who opened your release, who clicked your links and how well your releases performed compared to past releases. All under one roof.

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  • Unparalleled GDPR Compliance

    Manage all of your GDPR opt outs in one place. Once a journalist opts out of your press release you can see and manage that through our tools in a secure way.

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  • Best Bounce Rate on the Market

    Our bounce rate is second to none. With up to 97% deliverability rate our dedicated research team work hard to get your press release delivered. That’s over 20% better than our closest competitors.

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    All under one roof
  • Press Release Reach

    Great stories need great reports. MediaHQ's reporting gives a breakdown of how your pitch performed helping you to make improvements in your media outreach.

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  • Eliminate List Building

    We're proud of our research here at MediaHQ, but we're only this good because we're always focused on the needs of our customers. With that in mind, what we can do is calibrate our database in line with your needs, provided you outline what those needs are.

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