Irish Media Contacts Database

Here at MediaHQ, we have one mission. To help you connect your story with your audience without all of the grunt work. We know things are tough because of Covid-19 and we want to help.

Leading International Brands use MediaHQ's Powerful PR Software

  • User Friendly Software

    MediaHQ is very easy to use and has a very powerful search function that allows us to build very specific media lists in minutes. It also makes sending press releases simple. You can schedule, or send immediately and I love that you can access your lists from anywhere. We have found it invaluable, while working in different locations.

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  • Powerful Database Search

    Search for journalists, build media lists and send or pitch your press release from your own email address, all within the MediaHQ system.

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  • Comprehensive Media Contacts Database

    Our Comprehensive Media Contacts Database has an extensive database with access to over 60,000 media contacts throughout the UK and Ireland. Build pinpoint media lists in minutes to the media contacts in your industry.

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  • Press Release Reach

    Great stories need great reports. Use MediaHQ's reporting gives a breakdown of how your pitch performed helping you to make improvements in your media outreach.

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    Building A Media List
  • Custom Media Lists

    We're proud of our research here at MediaHQ, but we're only this good because we're always focused on the needs of our customers. With that in mind, what we can do is calibrate our database in line with your needs, provided you outline what those needs are.

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