The importance of arts and culture in PR

By Kate Ryan

Considering that there are a number of arts, culture and literature events taking place all over the country this month, all of us here at MediaHQ have decided to dedicate this blog post to the importance of arts and culture in the world of PR, the impact it has on the media and influence it holds on society.

As we all understand, the media is always going to focus on politics, current affairs and the state of our economy. However, specialising in the department of arts and culture gives you the opportunity to cover something that may not have been touched upon before, allowing you to focus on your niche. With the ever-growing variety of options to choose from, you can portray the importance of arts in public relations as well as society, education and the media. Opinion journalism can be a great way to go about voicing your opinion or using the media as a medium to express a subject not often expressed.
The world of arts is vast and makes up a great part of our creative industries (e.g. film, television, drama, music). Alongside enabling self-expression and increasing cultural engagement, the arts and PR hold a relationship of great significance. We put emphasis on the arts to provide us with story-telling, it acts as a form of education for society which is essentially what the news does. No doubt, the news allows us to keep up to date on issues affecting our economy, our political state, international news and events through the use of mass media. However, the subject of arts holds inherent value, has relevance to our everyday lives and is in need of corresponding coverage in the media. People in communications and public relations are in just as much need of arts and culture to educate society, provide us with the tools to critically think and allow us to form our own opinions as it impacts the way in which the news is told.
As well as this, public relations have a significant role to play in the arts and culture scene as international cooperation, cultural differences, understanding and interaction are all issues portrayed through the media. Considering that there is always an arts and culture section of the news covering the latest issues, many PR people use the arts as a tool to be more successful in their communications. Journalists and PR people do this through developing relationships with artists, collectors, authors and musicians as well as interacting with exhibitions and launches. Many artists use public relations and journalists to gain a wider media outreach to publicise upcoming events. This, in turn, allows PR people to build their media profile while also developing their niche. All of these events and issues would make for great newsworthy topics, help publicise events and all fall under the category of arts.
Often times, journalists are expected to specialise in one branch of the ever-growing arts tree to ensure quality understanding and experience on that one topic. While there are many journalists who stick to their specialised niche, many others have their eggs in all kinds of artsy baskets. Fintan O’Toole, an assistant editor and columnist of the Irish Times focuses his writing on political and social affairs with recent articles on Brexit, the issue of the Irish border along with current events affecting Ireland. However, being a previous literary editor of the newspaper, he writes a weekly column covering issues of arts, culture, literature and more. With more than a dozen books to his name, O’Toole highlights the inextricable nature arts and culture hold in the media.
With so many areas to choose from such as drama, theatre, dance, painting, literature and more, it is hard to pick just one in which to specialise. That is why PR in arts is an advantageous position to hold. Along with skills in communications, having a good grasp on arts and culture itself as a PR person is crucial to be applied and utilised in public relations. With a wide range of possibilities and general cultural knowledge, you can transfer your opinions to a number of various different articles on a number of different topics, giving you a better chance of making the news.
In addition to the variety the arts hold, it also plays an educational role in our society. Culture itself is social heritage which feeds into our society’s functionality and development. Continuous arts coverage in the media will not only portray the differences between cultures and societies but offer a better understanding of the matter which would result in further acceptance. Seeing as arts and PR are very much interlinked in our society today, arts journalists and PR people are needed in society to outline the grey areas of arts and culture in a comprehensive way using the media as a middle man for publication.
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Kate Ryan

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