3 things to do if your Press Office has been compromised by the HSE #Ransomware attack

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By Jack Murray

The latest Ransome ware attack on the HSE has completely shut down the ability to communicate of many of its different departments, hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

At MediaHQ we work with hundreds of press office teams to manage media contacts, build lists and distribute press releases. Our Irish healthcare clients are unaffected by the attack and have been sending press releases today, because MediaHQ is a secure system that is independent of their main email server. If you are affected here is what you need to do:

  • Quantify what emails have been compromised and contact the people

Who’s emails have you that may have been compromised? You need to quantify exactly who this is and let them know what has happened. Take notes as you go and you are more than likely going to have to report a data breach to the Data Protection Commissioner. What are your current resources like on GDPR records on your journalist’s contacts? We can help you with that as MediaHQ is a GDPR compliance tool. It will track all your interactions with the media.   

  • Quickly get back an email sending capability

You need to engage a service that is independent of your server that can help you to distribute emails. We can do that at MediaHQ. You need to get back an independent service that allows you to send emails securely. We will authenticate your email DNS settings. This is very secure and means your emails will be sent and it’s independent of your own IT systems. 

  • Rebuild your media lists.

Where to start? You can start by using a service like MediaHQ – we have access to over 65,000 and you can build any media list in seconds. Fill out this form here and we will call you in return. 

If you need help fill out the form on this page and we will call you right back. We know it’s a stressful time and we’re happy to help. 

Or drop me an email here:

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Jack Murray

CEO at MediaHQ

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