How to build the perfect media list

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By Jack Murray

How do you build the perfect media list? Read our simple guide that goes through everything you need to know about building the perfect media list.


What is it?

At MediaHQ we build PR software that enables you to simply, easily and quickly build the perfect media lists. Here we will talk about how to build the perfect media lists every time.


Why do you do it?

The media industry is dynamic and ever changing. It is complete nonsense to think that you have a set of static media lists that do not adjust to meet these changes or to meet the changing needs of your client or organisation. This is why you need a process to build the perfect media list.

At MediaHQ we will provide you with the tools to build any list in just seconds, but you need a method to ensure that you are building the best list to get your message further, faster and to the largest possible audience.


How do you do it?

These are the steps that you need to consider:


The objectives of your PR plan

In a previous post we talked about why having a set of objectives for any piece of public relations is essential. You can read the steps that you need to follow to get them here. The first step in building a media list is to visit your list of objectives and make sure that you take account of this when building your media list.


Your audience brief

Also in a previous post we discussed the importance of having an audience brief. You can recap here. This is a document that outlines clearly who you need to target to make your story successful. This should be in the forefront of your mind when you are building your list.


Watch our simple video on how to build media lists with MediaHQ below:



Your release strategy

Armed with your objectives and your audience brief you now need to decide about your release strategy. How do you time it and what are you doing? Here are some things to consider:

    • Will it be an exclusive?
    • Are you sending a national press release far and wide?
    • How will you split it between national and local?
    • Or will it be a tailored pitch to a number of select journalists?
    •  Or maybe you are targeting influencers?


  • Your timing strategy

One you have all those elements nailed down then you need to decide when to send it. We’ve expanded on this in another post here. It’s worth rereading and becoming au fait will all the issues on timing.


  • Use the evidence


You can now decide on who needs to be on your media list or lists based on the evidence that you have. Let’s recap. Yo now know:


    • Your PR objectives.
    • Your audience brief.
    • Your release strategy.
    • And your timing strategy.


You will now know:

    • Who you want to target.
    • How you want to target them.
    • And when you want to target them.



Looking to build your own media lists? More than just a Press Release Distribution tool. MediaHQ helps you find journalists, build media lists, distribute press releases and analyse results.



Jack is a media innovator with over 20 years’ experience at the most senior level in the Irish communications industry. He has worked in marketing, journalism, and media relations. He is a former political spokesperson and government advisor, as well as an award-winning corporate PR practitioner.

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