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How It Works

Search Directory

Find journalists, producers, editors, researchers and other media contacts at the click of a button.

Our comprehensive search engine allows you to refine your search, ensuring only relevant results are delivered.

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Build Lists

Build and edit your own media lists in seconds, or access our pre-saved lists. You can even add your own personal contacts to lists.

Our research team keeps the contacts up to date, so you don’t have to.

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Send Release

Send or schedule press releases from your own email address to several of your media lists.

Our duplication filter ensures that none of your contacts will receive the same release twice.

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Share Online

Publish your press releases on your very own MediaHQ story page and allow our social media team to extend the reach of your stories by plugging them online.

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Access 6,500+ contacts, 880+ organisations, plus columns, supplements and programmes.


Discover career details, company history, social media links, programme schedules, listenership figures and more.


Search entire database and filter results in each category by county, province, media type, tags and more.

Media Lists

Build own media lists or copy one of 210+ pre-saved lists available in national, regional and specialist categories.

Sharing Stories

Send or schedule press releases, pitching up to 300 contacts at a time and publish release online.


Create mailing labels, import own contacts, upload pictures, mail merge releases and direct tweet media contacts.

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