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Content, Creativity, entertainment August 26, 2015

Journalist to PR: bridging the career gap

There are many parallels between the worlds of journalism and PR. Journalists know how to sell a story, they often boast an impressive contacts list and a well-honed news eye. They understand deadlines, can write clearly and concisely and understand the value of accurate reporting. In fact, many of the most successful PR people often

Communications, Content, Course/Training August 12, 2015

Press release damage control: the good, the bad and the non-rectifiable

Turning a malady into a miracle is no easy feat, especially where press releases, mass emails and the like are concerned. Mistakes happen – we’re all human, so just breathe! It will all be alright, we promise!

Content, Course/Training, Creativity August 11, 2015

What makes a good press release?

A great press release can be a powerful weapon in the crusade to get you or your company noticed. There are a couple of things, oh so necessary, to consider before making a bid to captivate some unsuspecting journalist’s attention – like do you have a strong angle, a hook that will really sell the

Content, Course/Training, Events August 10, 2015

5 Things PR People Do That Journalists Hate

The worlds of journalism and PR often coincide, sometimes causing distinct abrasion. While journalists can be grateful for the unending stream of story ideas that can be gleaned from choice press releases, editorial budgets are getting smaller and they have pressing deadlines to attend to – meaning they don’t have time for spammy emails, annoying

Communications, Content, Journalism August 5, 2015

How to make your press release pop with vigour!

You’ve got an idea for a press release, but you have no idea how to get the world to listen? Well aren’t you lucky, because we have a new Pitch Perfect course coming up on August 25th to teach you how to write a compelling press release. In light of the upcoming course, we decided

Communications, Irish Journalists, Irish Times August 4, 2015

19 Irish journalists awarded grants by Simon Cumbers Fund

Nineteen Irish journalists have been awarded grants by the Simon Cumbers Fund to promote coverage of issues occurring in developing countries. The Simon Cumbers Media fund aims to “assist and promote more and better quality media coverage of development issues in the Irish Media”. And what better way of achieving this coverage than by ably assisting

Broadcasting, Changes, Communications July 24, 2015

Media Essentials: This week’s top stories

With another working week nearly passed and gone, we take a look at the main stories hitting the headlines and the deadlines this week. The main stories include: The BBC appoint their first female political editor, the ongoing legal case The Irish Times are taking against media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s UK company, and Derek Kelly’s consultancy

Branding, Communications, Content July 21, 2015

If you want to sing to journalists, you have to be ‘pitch perfect’

Are you still struggling to get your story heard despite the multitude of media platforms that exist? Well it’s your lucky day, because we have another Pitch Perfect course coming up. Pitch Perfect helps you to connect with journalists, build reaching media lists, and get your story heard.

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