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Communications, Digital Marketing, November 10, 2015

How to become a PR story machine

Did you ever wonder why some people are excellent at coming up with new and exciting PR story ideas and some aren’t?

Brand Storytelling, Branding, Content November 9, 2015

Tips and tricks for picking the perfect PR

Choosing the right PR company can be a tricky business, questions like ‘how do they measure success?’ and ‘how much will it cost?’ certainly need to be answered before signing any contracts.

Communications, Events, Media November 9, 2015

Talk your way to success in 2016 with MediaHQ PR event

Thanks to your marketing & communications team will be on the straight and narrow for 2016 with our briefing session for in-house PR teams.

Communications,, PR November 9, 2015

Limited slots available as charities get PR ready for HQ event this Wednesday will be hosting an afternoon briefing session for charities this Wednesday, November 11th in the Alexander Hotel. The event – ‘Charity PR 2016 – How to get great results’ – is tailored towards helping charities with their PR strategies for 2016.

Brand Storytelling, Content, Creativity November 5, 2015

Meet Peter Shankman: American entrepreneur, angel investor and PR guru

This week’s Mediaflash podcast featuring angel investor, author and PR guru, Peter Shankman, looked at the native New Yorker’s rise to international acclaim.

Communications, Events, MediaHQ November 5, 2015

MediaHQ to host event to get charities PR ready for 2016

Next Wednesday, Nov 11th is hosting a briefing session for charities entitled ‘Charity PR 2016 – How to get great results’.

Communications, Events, MediaHQ November 5, 2015

Are you prepared to create great PR in 2016?

Are you part of a marketing or communications team? Are are you already planning your strategy for 2016?

Communications, Course/Training, Galzac's Guide November 3, 2015

Get 50% off a Media Training Course with Galzac’s Guide

It might be a bit early to mention the ‘C’ word so soon after Halloween but that won’t stop us from being jolly and generous! Our sister company, Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources, is the essential resource for Irish journalists looking for intelligent comment on the breaking stories of the day.

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