Media In Focus: Evolve Politics


What is it in a sentence? A left-wing, independent news website which exposes injustice or inequality in UK politics.  Why do I need to know it? Evolve Politics is completely independent of any media corporation, who provide honest, unfiltered news stories about their favoured party, the Labour Party, and other parties like the Conservatives. It […]

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Journalist You Need To Know: Yomi Adegoke


What’s her beat? Yomi Adegoke is a multi-award winning journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Pool. The Evening Standard described her as a frontline pioneer, and she was selected by The Dots creative network as a woman who was redefining the creative industry.   Describe her in a sentence  A […]

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Must-Listen Podcast Episode: The CMO Show: Alexander Meyer on forming emotional connections through creativity


  What is the podcast? The CMO Show is a business and marketing podcast hosted by Mark Jones of Filtered Media. In this episode, Mark talks to Alexander Meyer, CMO of The ICONIC, an online store which promises to deliver clothing within three hours, redefining online shopping in Australia and New Zealand. Alexander discusses how […]

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Must-Read Book: 21 letters on Life and Its Challenges by Charles Handy


It’s not very often that non-fiction books reduce me to tears. The much-anticipated new book from Charles Handy managed to do that on more than one occasion.    I first became aware of Handy, as an idealistic 16-year-old. I grew up in a family business and I was curious about how it all worked. To […]

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Ninja PR Tips | Episode 2 | Personalise the Perfect Pitch


  Welcome to Ninja PR Tips from MediaHQ. In each video we will share with you the easiest and fastest ways to get those tricky PR jobs done. Our job is to take the grunt work out of PR and help you make the news.  The second episode on our weekly series Ninja PR Tips from […]

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Media In Focus: Gal-dem


  What is it in a sentence? Gal-dem is an award-winning online and print publication for women and non-binary people of colour aiming to take control of the way that they are portrayed in the media.   How will this benefit me as a PR PRO? Gal-dem has the aim to shape debates and discussions […]

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Journalist You Need To Know: Sophie Curtis


What’s her beat? Sophie is the Mail Online’s new Science and Technology Editor. She used to hold the position with The Daily Mirror. Sophie covers all things tech by reviewing new products, and by telling us how big a role technology has played in world history. Describe her in a sentence  A tenacious journalist who […]

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Must-Listen Podcast Episode: PR moment: Inside the Pitch Process


Must-Listen Podcast Episode: PRmoment: Inside the Pitch Process   What is the podcast? PRmoment’s ‘Inside the pitch process’ takes a look at the process of pitching to and winning clients through an interview with Lenovo’s Executive Director, Charlotte West, and 3 Monkey Zeno’s Business Development Director, Rebecca Wagstaffe. Why should you listen to this episode? […]

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Must-Read Book: Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky


Have you ever been in a desert? A real desert.  As a child, I was obsessed with Star Wars. I have vivid memories of re-enacting scenes from the Return of the Jedi at lunchtime in St Grellans National School. I always wanted to be Han Solo – he was the cool one. I collected the […]

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