How to effectively manage your remote PR
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How to Effectively Manage your Remote PR

By Ciara Byrne

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Copy of pitch for maximum coverage (1)
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The Definitive Guide to Press Release Distribution

By Jack Murray

Press release distribution is about how you go about sharing your press release with the media. You will, no doubt, have spent a lot of time getting your idea into the best shape with a great newsworthy headline, and some really good quotes. Your challenge is to get your press release out into the world […]

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PR Tactic How do I send a press release (2)
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The best and worst time to send out a pitch

By Jack Murray

Being able to write a good pitch is a key skill all PR professionals need to have in their arsenal. Pitches to media professionals should be sharp, succinct, targeted and tied together with a clickable subject line.   We’ve previously written about how to build a media list.   However, it doesn’t matter how great […]

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Why Media Relations will help you succeed

By Jack Murray

For most businesses, the importance of media relations and its counterpart public relations is often forgotten. When budgets are tight media relations is often the first thing to be bumped. It is viewed as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must-have’. This should not be the case.    When executed correctly media relations is […]

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pitch for maximum coverage
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How to Pitch to the Media for Maximum Coverage

By Jack Gamble

Your pitch is the first interaction the media has with your story. You need to make sure it’s strong. Do you know when, where, who and how to pitch a story to the media? Or are you struggling with becoming ‘pitch perfect’? To survive in PR and to get your story heard your pitching prowess […]

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Copy of pitch for maximum coverage
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10 Books Every PR Person Should Read

By Jack Murray

Introduction Over the past 20 years that I’ve been working in the top level of the PR industry in the UK and Ireland one thing has remained consistent, my love for reading. Since 2006 when I set up MediaHQ I’ve read hundreds if not thousands of books that influenced me throughout my PR career. In […]

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