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4 digital marketing trends every PR Pro needs to be aware of


When you first think of marketing, you might not always connect PR with it. However, in this new age of digital marketing, it appears as if the two are intrinsically linked. It is almost impossible to discuss PR and not mention digital marketing. As a PR Pro, you now have to be more aware of digital […]

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5 easy ways to get blacklisted by a journalist


“If you believe in journalism, you don’t insult journalists,” Sydney Schanberg. For public relations professionals, journalists are often the link between them and a satisfied client. Companies, through their PR professionals, place their well-crafted press releases, comments, articles, top tips and so forth in the hands of journalists. However, the decision to publish or not publish […]

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3 wonderful ways MediaHQ improves your work life


Here at MediaHQ, we take the grunt work out of your media relations by providing you with an always up to the minute database filled with the most important media contacts in Ireland. Our research team work hard and keep an eagle eye out for the latest updates and media moves so that you are […]

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Digital vs Legacy: Why you need to stop using a contacts book


PR practices are ever changing. No longer do PR pros have to spend hours scanning newspapers and magazines to check on how their clients are being perceived by the press. New media monitoring services have helped to take the grunt work out of our daily schedules, freeing up more time for creativity and experimentation with […]

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Trade Focus: How to pitch to Senior Times


As PR pros, we know how important it is to get our clients as much coverage as possible. However, we should also be aware that it is equally as important that our pitches are reaching the right publications. You wouldn’t send a release about new environmental legislation to a teenage fashion magazine now, would you? […]

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Media on the move

Media On The Move: The latest media movements


Media Contacts Database | Gotta keep em’ fresh Media On The Move: The latest media movements The media industry never stands still, and with people moving jobs, retiring, and leaving the industry, it can be difficult to keep up. At MediaHQ, we have a research team dedicated updating our newsfeed with the latest media movements. […]

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Brian Finnegan

5 Minutes with the Media – Brian Finnegan, GCN


Every week here at MediaHQ we chat with a member of the media landscape, from print journalists to radio producers and everyone in between to shine a light into what it’s like to work in the industry.   Ever wondered what it’s like to edit a national magazine? This week’s guest gives us the inside scoop as we […]

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3 surprising things we’ve learnt since GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation era is firmly in place and with that, we’ve seen changes to how a lot of companies operate, particularly in terms of email and cookie consent when visiting websites. This has even gone so far that some non-European companies/publications have decided to no longer allow European visitors onto their website […]

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Danielle Mahoney

5 Minutes with the Media – Danielle Mahoney,


Every week here at MediaHQ we chat with a member of the media landscape to get an insight into what’s it’s like to work in the Irish industry.  Ever wondered what it’s like to start and run an entire online publication? This week’s guest gives us the inside scoop as we chat to Danielle Mahoney, Founder and […]

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