4 ways to inspire creativity in your PR practices


Creativity is what will make a great PR Pro stand out from a good one. In the Communications industry, everyone is competing for media attention, but not everyone can make themselves heard. If you’re doing exactly the same as everyone else, how do you think you’re going to achieve different results from anyone else? Creativity […]

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online media contacts

Media Contacts & Cash Spend


So here’s the deal on Media Contacts & budget When thinking about budgets for next year, a media contacts database/PR software platform should be a priority. In the technology era, long gone are the days of manually transcribing contacts from a book to create a list. GDPR compliance also has to be factored into any of […]

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MediaHQ eBook

Top 10 tips for great PR teams – MediaHQ eBook


We know that PR and Communications teams are busy people. Balancing client work, events, managing media relations and your public image is no easy feat. Ireland’s best PR teams use MediaHQ every day to make the news. We want to share what makes their PR and media relations efforts so successful and how they get […]

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UK Newspaper

How to turn your story idea into a PR news hook


When you have a great story to share, condensing it down into a PR news hook can be a challenge. Here at MediaHQ, we have seen almost 200,000 press releases pass through our system and we know what a good hook looks like. The aim with a news hook is to get the person reading […]

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Tailoring your PR pitch for specific audiences


What makes the news? Are there certain criteria? Is it the latest event, celebrity gossip or unexpected happenings? It may seem obvious, but what makes the news depends on the audience of that individual news organisation. Before you send out a mass pitch to hundreds of journalists and producers, bear these three things in mind: […]

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Reputation: A company’s most valuable asset


Growing up, the biggest stress of most young people’s lives is being high up on the social ladder, getting invited to the best parties and getting as many likes on social media as possible. But this want for a good reputation and to be liked by many doesn’t end once you finish your education and […]

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Protected: How do you make the news? Revenue Case Study


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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october press release opportunities

5 opportunities for an October press release that aren’t Halloween!


October is upon us which means every PR pro and marketing mind is busy thinking up their story angle for the Halloween season.  With that in mind maybe you are looking for something a little different this October and steer away from the spooky season. Or maybe you just want another opportunity to send out a […]

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PR success

You’ve had a huge PR success – Now how do you keep the momentum going?


There is no greater buzz than seeing your hard work pay off, especially in the PR industry. In fact, many of Ireland’s biggest PR gurus have said that the best part of their job is seeing a story or picture of something they’ve done, published in a big Irish paper for the nation to see. […]

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