Digital World

Are you achieving success in the digital world?


Are you up to date with the current media landscape? Digital channels have completely changed the way in which we communicate brand messages, but does your brand’s current communication strategy reflect this? If you’re not tuned into the digital world, you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. We have our top tips […]

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Monday’s MediaHQ Essentials: How to flag a contact


Welcome to the latest Monday MediaIQ, our weekly series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we are giving you a quick refresher on how to flag a contact on our system. Our system includes over 6,000 contacts and although our research team are on top of their game every now […]

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Think outside the box–5 great journalists to pitch to


When trying to get coverage for a story, it’s very easy to just pitch it out to journalists working for national publications in the hope it will get the biggest audience views and then just leave the story there. In reality, you should be pitching to everyone who specialises in your story subject. They might […]

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Embrace analytics to improve your communications strategy


Want More PR Tactics? Get our expert insider guide that has 20 in one eBook here. We often find ourselves creating great PR campaigns, content strategies or digital marketing plans. We do all that work and utilise all the resources available to us. And then we stop.  We are failing to measure success or check what […]

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MediaIQ List Update Lead Image

Monday’s MediaIQ: Updating your lists


Welcome to the latest Monday MediaIQ, our series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we’ll be looking at how to keep your lists up to date and ready to use.  MediaHQ gives you the perfect platform to build some amazing media lists. Whether you build your list from scratch or with […]

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irish pr pitch

5 publications open for Irish PR pitches right now


One of the great things about mainstream media is that there is a wide variety of publications, both print and digital, available for people to consume. Entrepreneurs all over the world have found prosperous opportunities in niche markets through the creation of new magazines, newspapers and websites. This is a good thing for you PR […]

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Press Release

3 NI event hooks for your press release


Stuck for a good hook? In need of something to help pull your press release together before you send it on its merry way? Then fear not because MediaHQ has got you covered.  As a PR pro, you’re probably well accustomed to having to create a great story using very minimal information. If you’re working […]

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How much time are your media lists draining?


Building media lists is one of those unavoidable and tedious tasks which comes with a career in PR. Like a sink full of dishes or a stack of laundry it just has to be done. In this hyper-competitive environment creating multiple media lists is the best way to ensure that your releases are targeted and […]

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Nicola Cooke

PR Pro Perspectives: Nicola Cooke


In the latest instalment of our popular “PR Pro Perspectives”, Nicola Cooke, Media and PR Manager for Bus Éireann spoke to MediaHQ about her switch from reporter to press officer, dealing with national transport emergencies and offers advice to those looking to start out in PR.   Q1: For years you worked as quite a successful journalist. What made you […]

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