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Digital Marketing, Marketing, Media March 7, 2016

Communicator of the week: Stephen Ryan

From wild animals to rebels on the airwaves, Stephen Ryan has taken the leap and moved from Fota Wildlife Park to Red FM.  Stephen is the now Head of Marketing at Red FM which boasts award-winning radio stars like Keith Cunningham (or KC as you may know him best). Red FM’s latest JNLR figure is

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing February 25, 2016

5 ways to generate traffic to you content

Generating a regular flow of traffic to your company content can be tricky. Here at,we have compiled a list of 5 key tips to help you see a rise in views:   1.  SEO Friendly Make all your content SEO friendly. Search engines are an excellent opportunity for generating traffic. Many content creators shy

Communications, Content, Creativity February 24, 2016

Press release 101: Get your event noticed the right way

Press releases are both the lifeblood of the public relations industry and the bane of many a reporter’s existence. Writing a great press release doesn’t have to be a torturous experience for anyone. If done correctly a press release will get your event the coverage it deserves, could glean you more customers and provide fodder for a

Branding, Communications, Content February 19, 2016

The best blogs by start-ups

At, we value all those Irish start-ups who are about to pave their way in the business world.   The only thing we value higher than a good start-up? A great blog. So we’re amalgamating two of our great loves and bringing you three promising Irish start-ups who run three brilliant blogs.   1.

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing February 9, 2016

3 things journalists want to see in your pitch

Pitching to journalists is not an easy task, they are busy creatures, with heads full of ideas and on tight deadlines. Make sure your press release stands out from the crowd and help it get noticed among the clutter in their inbox. These three tips can help do just that:

Digital Marketing, Journalism, February 8, 2016

How to master the art of pitching

The art of pitching can be tricky, you want to keep your audience engaged and interested while at the same time selling your product/service/event. Here’s some tips to help master the art of pitching: Research is key Research is key to impress the audience and show you’ve done your work. Know the in’s and out’s

Brand Storytelling, Creativity, Digital Marketing February 4, 2016

The rise of the Chief Storytelling Officer

In case you haven’t realised it, we are living in a new era of PR and marketing. Brands are no longer pleading with publishers. They’re taking back the power by building narratives and crafting stories of their own. Enter the Chief Storyteller. OK, so this job title may or may not make this writer cringe

Branding, Changes, Content January 19, 2016

4 Twitter trends that will be big for PR this year

Twitter is an essential tool in the arsenal of any successful PR or marketer. It’s primarily used to connect with target audiences, promote branded content and keep in touch with bloggers and other media personnel. The New Year has ushered in plenty of changes including some novel new ways to utilize the social media platform.

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