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Brand Storytelling, Branding, Storytelling July 6, 2016

Great brands with great stories

There’s a story behind every idea, no matter how big or small. Here are the stories behind some of the worlds most well known and successful brands.  Go Pro  The Go Pro idea came from a man named Nick Woodman, who developed the idea when on a surfing trip. He didn’t like how surfing was

Brand Storytelling, Branding, Communications June 23, 2016

Why every great organisation has a manifesto

Every great company has a manifesto. It helps define their worldview and gives customers a sense of what they stand for and what they want to change.

Branding, Communications, PR June 8, 2016

PR Spotlight: Clodagh O’Hagan

We like to give a hat tip every now and again to all those PR and communications  professionals making waves in their field. We’re PR focused today and we’re shining our spotlight on a PR guru. This week we’re looking at Vodafone Ireland’s Clodagh O’ Hagan to see just what makes her PR perfect. Clodagh

Brand Storytelling, Branding, Communications June 7, 2016

5 reasons to incorporate PR into your marketing plan

The lines between marketing and PR have blurred with the advent of social media. But while there’s definitely some crossover in a PR and marketer’s skillset, it’s best to think of each role as working in tandem with the other. If marketing is what gets a brand or product off the ground, PR is what

Brand Storytelling, Branding, Creativity May 20, 2016

A stand out morning at #Momentum

We are blogging live here from Dublin Chamber‘s Momentum Summit in the Aviva Stadium. The day kicked off with a super morning session on How to stand out from the crowd  with Sonya Lennon of Lennon Courtney and Frockadvisor. Sonya told us that she has been standing out from a young age, her claim to

Branding May 17, 2016

From styrofoam cups to specialist coffee: Ireland’s downturn gave food brands a boost

“The downturn was a godsend to the restaurant industry,” says Keith Mahon, CEO of “Whether they like it or not, it was.”

Brand Storytelling, Branding, PR Tips May 11, 2016

Brand storytelling tips for foodies

Whether you are opening a trendy cafe or about to launch a delicious new food item onto the market, brand storytelling plays a big part in building up hype and getting customers to come to your product.

Branding, Marketing, PR April 26, 2016

4 Northern Ireland PR Pros you need to connect with

We’re back with our weekly hat tip to PR pros today. This week we will be looking at all those PR gurus making waves in Northern Ireland. Here’s 4 proficient PR pros that you should connect with today: 1.Grainne McGarvey – Pulse PR Grainne is the owner of Belfast based marketing and PR agency, Pulse

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