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Content, Grammar Happy, Online February 8, 2016

Grammar Happy: to capitalise or not to capitalise

When writing titles we often find ourselves in a bit of a conundrum with capitalisation. So here at we’re giving you a resolution to this problem with a capital P.   The truth is there isn’t just one right way to use capitals in a title, there’s actually quite a few. Here’s three options

Grammar Happy, PR Tips, Press Release February 2, 2016

Grammar Happy: Say what? How to quote quotes

Once again, peels back the cover of our media bible and takes a leaf out of the AP Stylebook. This week, we focus on using quotes and quotation marks, something of huge importance for PR pros who want to get the relevant voices in their organisation broadcasted in the media.

Grammar Happy, Irish Journalists, Journalism January 25, 2016

Grammar Happy: How to dish out the digits

We turn to our media bible, the AP Stylebook, to learn how to present the numbers after we’ve crunched them. The general rule is to spell out numbers one through nine. After that, use numerical figures for 10 and above. It sounds pretty straightforward, but as always, there are exceptions:

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