We’re hiring a Digital Content Intern to work with us


Hello aspiring content creators  We’re hiring a digital content intern to work with us This is a paid placement and will focus on content creation for the award winning MediaHQ blog, our buzzing social platforms and our Mediaflash podcast. We are an ever-evolving media software company. We help organisations connect their stories with the right […]

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Who needs a Chief Storytelling Officer anyway?


The idea of storytelling for business has been buzzing around for a while now, some organisations have immersed themselves and jumped straight in to the deep-end while others are dipping their toes in at the shallows. But is the Chief Storytelling Officer just another toy for marketing and comms teams to play with? Or will this role […]

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5 reasons to incorporate PR into your marketing plan


The lines between marketing and PR have blurred with the advent of social media. But while there’s definitely some crossover in a PR and marketer’s skillset, it’s best to think of each role as working in tandem with the other. If marketing is what gets a brand or product off the ground, PR is what […]

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DAA, Dublin Airport

PR spotlight-daa


Media HQ’s press release distribution hub and well-rounded, target media list system makes the perfect addition to any company’s PR strategy (Basically we do the ‘boring work’ so you don’t have to!). Since 2009, we’ve helped share more than 114,038 press releases, one of those being daa’s announcement of a new €320 million runway. 

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3 Lessons from Edelman’s Philip Trippenbach at #DMXDublin


DMX Dublin brought over 30 speakers an 800 attendees all passionate about the wonderful worlds of marketing. Speakers ranged from Nestle’s VP of Digital Pete Blackshaw to Conor O’Flaherty, Ireland’s youngest entrepreneur at just 17 years old. One speaker that left an impact for us was Philip Trippenbach, digital strategist and senior planner with Edelman’s […]

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Communicator of the week: Stephen Ryan


From wild animals to rebels on the airwaves, Stephen Ryan has taken the leap and moved from Fota Wildlife Park to Red FM.  Stephen is the now Head of Marketing at Red FM which boasts award-winning radio stars like Keith Cunningham (or KC as you may know him best). Red FM’s latest JNLR figure is […]

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5 ways to generate traffic to you content


Generating a regular flow of traffic to your company content can be tricky. Here at MediaHQ.com,we have compiled a list of 5 key tips to help you see a rise in views:   1.  SEO Friendly Make all your content SEO friendly. Search engines are an excellent opportunity for generating traffic. Many content creators shy […]

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Press release 101: Get your event noticed the right way


Press releases are both the lifeblood of the public relations industry and the bane of many a reporter’s existence. Writing a great press release doesn’t have to be a torturous experience for anyone. If done correctly a press release will get your event the coverage it deserves, could glean you more customers and provide fodder for a […]

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The best blogs by start-ups


At MediaHQ.com, we value all those Irish start-ups who are about to pave their way in the business world.   The only thing we value higher than a good start-up? A great blog. So we’re amalgamating two of our great loves and bringing you three promising Irish start-ups who run three brilliant blogs.   1. […]

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