The 5 best food blogs


Incase you have been living under a rock today and missed the many Instagram pictures of fluffy pancake stacks or the listicles of the top places for pancakes in Dublin. For the day that’s in it we wanted to select five of our favourite food blogs, sure to have you drooling at your desk. Here’s […]

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5 tips for generating sales through content


We have a mantra here at, ‘Never underestimate the power of good content’. Content can do so much more than build a strong awareness for your brand. If it’s done well and done right, then content could have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

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3 great blogging tools to put a spring in your step


Why not get spring off to a super start with a great blog?  In order to get you in the mood, have compiled a list of 3  blogging tools to help you along the way.     1. WordPress Naturally, it’s only appropriate to begin with the backbone of blogging. Whether you’re just setting […]

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3 lessons on starting out in journalism from our podcast with Gavin Sheridan


Last week on our Mediaflash podcast CEO Jack Murray and journalist Gavin Sheridan discussed FOI, data and openness. Gavin shared some really interesting stories about his career and his tireless campaign for transparency. Gavin has an impressive resume and we can all take a leaf or two from his book, particularly those kicking off our […]

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3 must-read books to better your storytelling skills


Storytelling is a skill that must be obtained by anyone working in Business, PR, Communications, and Journalism. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication. Whether it’s creating a brand story, pitching a story to a journalist, or pitching a story to an editor, there are certain skills that must be obtained to […]

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Why blogger outreach and engagement is PR important


Blogging has gained increasing popularity in the last few years, with some of the biggest content producers now using the blogging platform rather than the typical mainstream media forms. Bloggers form their own communities based on their authentic content, honest reviews and often personal stories/experiences. The idea behind blogger outreach and engagement is that companies […]

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Blogger creating a post

Create content that resonates – MediaHQ shows you how to blog your way to success


A successful blog can really benefit an in-house PR team. It allows you to humanise your brand and it helps you create trust with your customers. It also lets you establish your brand as an authoritative voice in your area of expertise. We want to share with you some things we’ve learned from our own blogging experience. Know your audience […]

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How to generate original and exciting content


In order to increase SEO rankings and generate traffic on your site it’s necessary to produce great content. Lucky for you here at we know our stuff. Here’s our guide on how to produce quality content. 1. Passion: In a day and age where material is dictated by the concept of ‘writing for your […]

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Building an audience: Why branded content is here to stay


At our event for charities and in-house communications teams last week, our CEO Jack Murray glided through the key PR trends for 2016. One of the key trends outlined was the idea that ‘branded content’ is here to stay. But why is this form of content now a staple and no longer fashionably ephemeral?

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