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Digital Survival Guide: How to deal with a negative PR review


Sometimes a bad review can be used as constructive criticism that can help you grow. However, there are times when a bad review can really knock your reputation and have a detrimental effect on your business, especially for those which are less established. First things first – Don’t ignore it One of the worst things you […]

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Email Marketing

3 PR email tactics to engage your audience


Want More PR Tactics? Get our expert insider guide that has 20 in one eBook here. Email marketing has been around for over two decades, so naturally, there has been a massive amount of developments since it’s beginnings. With so many distractions and ‘time-poverty’ playing its part,  it can be difficult to grab the attention […]

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Digital World

Are you achieving success in the digital world?


Are you up to date with the current media landscape? Digital channels have completely changed the way in which we communicate brand messages, but does your brand’s current communication strategy reflect this? If you’re not tuned into the digital world, you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. We have our top tips […]

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Think outside the box–5 great journalists to pitch to


When trying to get coverage for a story, it’s very easy to just pitch it out to journalists working for national publications in the hope it will get the biggest audience views and then just leave the story there. In reality, you should be pitching to everyone who specialises in your story subject. They might […]

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Embrace analytics to improve your communications strategy


Want More PR Tactics? Get our expert insider guide that has 20 in one eBook here. We often find ourselves creating great PR campaigns, content strategies or digital marketing plans. We do all that work and utilise all the resources available to us. And then we stop.  We are failing to measure success or check what […]

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Digital PR Pro

4 thrilling tips for becoming a Digital PR pro


Long gone are the days of faxing out media alerts or sending press releases via couriers. PR has gone digital, changing fundamental aspects of the industry. PR experts now have to be equipped with the skills to master the world of digital PR and here at MediaHQ, we have four tips that can help you […]

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How to power up your PR no matter what your budget


In an era that is saturated with people crying for attention, it can be difficult to get in front of the right audience–particularly on a budget. But learning to power up your PR will do wonders for getting your message out there.  PR works hand in hand with marketing and advertising. However, thanks to the internet and […]

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Brand Storytelling

How to successfully incorporate brand storytelling into your press release


Here at MediaHQ, we’ve seen 175,000 individual stories being shared through our press release platform since we first came into existence. From government departments to PR agencies and national charities, we have some of Ireland’s biggest organisations on our client book. 

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5 reasons why a company newsletter is communications gold


If your company is anything like MediaHQ, then people around the office are always in search of something good to read: books, magazine articles, newsletters, you name it. Speaking of newsletters, it might be a good idea to launch your own. But why should you consider doing it? 1. It gives an insight into your […]

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