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Communications August 23, 2018

New autumn schedule for rebranded Virgin Media TV

Virgin Media played host to an audience of press this afternoon at the Aviva Stadium, as they officially launched their autumn schedule, coinciding with the rebrand from TV3 at the end of the month.  We went along to find out all the latest news on the rebrand as well as to see which of our

Communications, Journalism, Marketing August 23, 2018

3 PR email tactics to engage your audience

Email marketing has been around for over two decades, so naturally, there has been a massive amount of developments since it’s beginnings. With so many distractions and ‘time-poverty’ playing its part,  it can be difficult to grab the attention of your audience. With that in mind, we provide three email marketing tactics to get your

Media Tips, PR, Publishing August 23, 2018

3 quick-fire SEO tips for PR people

SEO. Heard of it before? It’s probably something which you’ve heard your marketing guy or one of your copywriters bang on about but you were too busy to pay any attention. As unimportant as it may have seemed then, you’re going to regret not taking an interest in your colleague’s work in the near future.

Communications, Content, Journalism August 22, 2018

10 questions with–Fiona Murdoch of the Irish Girl Guides

Here at MediaHQ, we have Ireland’s biggest charities, government departments and organisations on our client books. They’re all doing amazing work on the PR/Communications front, so we’ve decided to catch up with those who are making the news. This week, we chat to Fiona Murdoch of the Irish Girl Guides. 1) What is your current

Communications, Journalism, August 20, 2018

5 steps to a killer PR pitch

Have you ever wondered why some ideas for PR pitches to journalists succeed and some fail miserably? And is there a way to inject a bit of science into it and give your next pitch a better chance of succeeding. I started out in a political press office in Dublin on January 4 1999. Over the

Communications, Marketing, Media Intelligence August 20, 2018

Are you achieving success in the digital world?

Are you up to date with the current media landscape? Digital channels have completely changed the way in which we communicate brand messages, but does your brand’s current communication strategy reflect this? If you’re not tuned into the digital world, you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. We have our top tips

Media Changes, Media Intelligence, Media on the Move August 20, 2018

Monday’s MediaHQ Essentials: How to flag a contact

Welcome to the latest Monday MediaIQ, our weekly series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we are giving you a quick refresher on how to flag a contact on our system. Our system includes over 6,000 contacts and although our research team are on top of their game every now

Communications, MediaHQ Features, August 17, 2018

How can MediaHQ help your SME?

PR isn’t just for global firms; all companies from start-ups to international organisations should be carrying out some sort of PR. Clearly, budgets are going to differ depending on the company. That doesn’t mean smaller firms should sit back and wait for the money to come flooding in before undertaking any sort of public relation–looking

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