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September’s Media Movements


September saw a number of changes across Irish media with the announcement of the launch of a new online publication as well as high profile movements within the industry. Below you can find a sample of some of the Irish media movements that have taken place throughout the month: The Currency has launched its online […]

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Must-Listen Podcast Episodes of the Month


Let’s face it: There are too many podcasts out in the PR world, which means there are way too many podcast episodes for the ordinary PR pro to browse through. At MediaHQ, we’ve listened to so many episodes, for work and for entertainment, that we occasionally forget what our own voices sound like (they ain’t […]

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The Best of September Quotes


Attending fancy corporate events, going on press junkets and getting a load of freebies along the way–that’s the life of a PR professional in a nutshell, right? Well, not really. While we’re not ones to shy away from a good old-fashioned function, there is quite a bit more to the daily life of a PR […]

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The Ministry of Truth Book Winner Announced!


Drum roll, please… we’re excited to announce the lucky winner of last week’s book competition. Last week we launched our new weekly news email–‘The Midweek PR Read’. We ran a competition to give a free copy of our must-read book: “The Ministry of Truth.” We are pleased to announce that the winner is Catherine Phibbs […]

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An Exciting Step for MediaHQ


Don’t have time to read the blog? Give the audio version a try! I’m delighted to have an exciting announcement to make today. After 12 months of intense planning, MediaHQ is embarking on a major international expansion.  When I took over the company in 2006, the business could hardly have been more different from what […]

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Media Lists

Are Your Media Lists Out Of Date, Bouncing, And Full Of Dead People? Here’s What To Do.


It’s a hectic Friday afternoon, you have that all-important press release to send out to journalists. You probably have a selection of media lists that you have meticulously built from scratch. If you’ve been really good over time, you may have edited them from time to time! When you heard an update two months ago […]

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things to consider press release

The five minutes it takes to read this will improve your press releases ideas forever


I know you’re busy, so I’ll be very brief. Most press releases fail because they are based on terrible ideas, which are poorly executed. There are two parts to that equation. Idea generation is first and execution is second. In this post I will share the best tips  to simply–and forever–improve the quality of the […]

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PR tips

Media Intelligence: Maximise ROI with 7 Key Tips


Nowadays, PR experts are expected to generate higher return on investment (ROI). However, more often than not, media intelligence around measurement of success in a PR campaign can be tricky. This is because PR may be only one of several communications activities contributing to brand perceptions. The creativity and cleverness behind every PR campaign comes at […]

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6 PR Tools You Need To Ensure Your Press Release Makes The News


Public Relations is an ever-changing industry. What PR tools PR professionals and those working in the communications industry now need to succeed has changed dramatically in the last few years.  New challenges are consistently being presented to those working in the field and today a nicely put together press release and your little black book […]

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