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Communications, Creativity, January 22, 2019

Artificial Intelligence & PR: The positive impacts

From construction to agriculture, recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have resulted in it impacting almost every industry. When it comes to public relations, some PR pros are reluctant to embrace this new technology as they fear a loss of jobs is on the horizon as automation and technology become increasingly mainstream. However, before you

Communications, PR, Press Release January 21, 2019

The best and worst time to send out a pitch

Being able to write a good pitch is a key skill all PR professionals need to have in their arsenal. Pitches to media professionals should be sharp, succinct, targeted and tied together with a clickable subject line. We’ve previously written about 5 reasons why you might be failing at media relations.  However, it doesn’t matter

Communications, Content, Journalism January 18, 2019

Expand your PR vocab on World Thesaurus Day

Today is World Thesaurus Day, so to celebrate we want you to swap some of your tired, stale language for some fresher words. Thesaurus day acknowledges the book and its creator–Peter Mark Roget. Roget published the first thesaurus in 1852. His obsession with list-making was a coping mechanism that helped him deal with depression. Whether

Communications, Media Relations, PR January 16, 2019

Media Relations: 5 reasons you’re failing

Carrying out media relations is a huge part of a PR pros job. The news is never a static thing. With updates coming in constantly and journalists trying to keep track of everything to cover under time constraints and deadlines, the best thing you can do is make their lives as easy as can be.

Communications, Content, Irish Journalists January 15, 2019

Top ten Irish newspaper publications

Despite circulation being down across the board for Irish newspapers, the medium remains a vital news source for many people across the country. Thousands of broadsheets, magazines, and tabloids are read daily and print media has remained an integral part of how Irish people consume the news. To help you navigate the most popular newspapers,

Communications, Content, How To Content January 15, 2019

How to create and maintain an editorial calendar

In an ideal world, PR teams could just put sticky notes on various dates to plan out days, weeks and months of special events, announcements and news to share. It would be just one calendar for content, blog topics and email campaigns that you could stick to religiously. However, anyone in the industry knows that

Communications, PR, PR Tips January 14, 2019

Why businesses need PR while they grow

Whether you’re just starting out or you already have an established business, any aspirations you hold of spreading out and growing your customer base should be accompanied with a solid plan for your PR and an understanding of how to achieve your goals. Often, companies entering a growth phase push resources into advertising in the

Communications, Content, PR January 11, 2019

Why you should include video in your PR strategy

We all say we’re going to try new things, work smarter and get our heads in the game when January comes around each year. Sometimes that works better than others. This January one thing you can do to really boost your PR strategy for the year is look at the different ways you can incorporate

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