How to be creative in your PR pursuits


All writers and journalists understand the importance of being creative, but weaving it into your PR practices can be a difficult challenge. It is not enough to simply possess a creative mind. Many of us are blessed with imagination but if not put to good use, it can become a futile trait. The fact that […]

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How to bring your PR back from the dead this Easter


Are your stories failing to gain any media coverage? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions every time you send out a pitch? Has it been a long time since you questioned the purpose of your PR efforts? These are all signs that your PR campaigns are on death’s door. With the […]

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Grammar rules

Grammar rules you shouldn’t be afraid to ditch


Getting to grips with grammar rules is essential for anyone who writes professionally. Whether you’re writing press releases, reports, online content or social media posts, applying grammar correctly is crucial for ensuring that your message is received clearly. That being said, there are times when rigid grammar rules can and should be ignored. Language doesn’t […]

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Negative press

How to deal with negative press coverage


With so much emphasis now placed on social media and digital marketing, sometimes things can go askew. Someday you, your organisation or both may find themselves attacked from all sides by negative public attention. Whether it’s an ill-timed tweet or negative feedback from customers, the way you handle a negative story can make all the difference.  Here are our […]

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What you can learn from headlines that are flat as a pancake


Happy Pancake Tuesday!   From Nutella to sugar and lemon, the team here at MediaHQ have been debating their preferred pancake toppings for weeks. In theme with today’s date, we want to show you examples of headlines that are flat as a pancake and how they can be flipped to ensure you gain that all important media coverage. Below […]

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March story hooks from our News Diary


Suffering from writer’s block? Our News Diary has got you covered. Here at MediaHQ, we know just how difficult it can be to consistently come up with creative and topical story hooks for your press releases, especially when PR coverage is more competitive than ever. With that in mind, we have a useful and inspiring […]

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Public relations tools

3 tactics for a killer digital PR plan


Want More PR Tactics? Get our expert insider guide that has 20 in one eBook here. We’ve just discussed the importance of traditional media relations, but that doesn’t mean digital PR should be ignored. The best PR pros are the people who seamlessly integrate both traditional methods and digital PR to gain the most exposure […]

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PR back to basics: Do media relations still matter?


We’ve all seen the “Are press releases dead?” articles floating around online but it’s safe to say the era of the press release is still firmly alive. Unless it’s a breaking news story or incident that has been reported on social media, traditional media is still the preferred channel for reaching the public. Anyone can […]

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PR Insider: Story behind €175 million lotto jackpot


The biggest news story was shared through our MediaHQ platform this week as €175 million was won in the Euromillions draw by a family syndicate in Naul, Co.Dublin. Here we speak to Miriam Donohoe of the National Lottery to get the real story behind the story. On Wednesday afternoon, while the country’s media organisations’ were […]

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