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Communications, Grammar Happy, Online March 29, 2016

Grammar Happy: The big bad bracket

Sometimes in the vast scope that is the English language, we find ourselves a little muddled up when it comes to using brackets. Here at we’re putting an end to the grammatical confusion. When is it acceptable to use brackets? 1.Including explanatory words Often when we are writing to a client, customer or even

Grammar Happy, Tips March 21, 2016

Grammar Happy: Active v Passive voice

Make your media release even stronger—write in the active voice. A press release littered with the passive sentences can be a real mood dampener: It can spoil a breaking news headline and take away the urgency of your media release. What’s the difference? Many of us are encouraged to write in the active voice and avoid

Grammar Happy, PR Tips, Press Release March 14, 2016

Grammar Happy: Paddy’s Day v Paddys Day

Mind your apostrophes when you’re issuing your Paddy’s-themed press releases this week. On Thursday, the nation celebrates St Patrick’s Day—not St Patricks Day.

Grammar Happy, PR Tips March 7, 2016

Grammar Happy: The deal with dashes

I am a fan of ’em’ dashes — but too few writers use them. They come in handy when brackets would disrupt the flow of a sentence, when dialogue trails off, or when you want to create suspense. That’s probably why tabloid journalists get the most use out of them. The ’em’ dash creates more

entertainment, Grammar Happy, Humour February 29, 2016

Grammar Happy-The Oxford Comma

Grammar Nazis are quite frankly the scourge of many an online comment section, diverting attention away from (hopefully) thoughtful, intelligent discourse. They do this by less than subversive means and needle and poke until a moderator intervenes. So what is a grammar Nazi you may ask (in case you’ve been living under a rock)? Well

Grammar Happy, PR Tips February 23, 2016

Grammar Happy: Become a paragraph pro

Learn how to make your point and move on with the latest Grammar Happy from Journalists receive hundreds of media releases every day. That means they only have a couple of seconds to consume your release (if they open it, that is).

Grammar Happy, PR Tips February 16, 2016

Be your own editor: Smarten up your copy in 5 steps

Behind every great writer, there is a great editor — someone who ruthlessly hacks away at the text until it is fit for print. Unfortunately in the the communications game, we don’t always have the luxury of a second pair of eyes to cast over our content. Never fear. Here are five ways you can

Grammar Happy, PR Tips February 15, 2016

Grammar Happy: Listen out for homophones

Last week, while I was tweeting on the @mediahqnews account, a member of the grammar police kindly pointed out that I had misused a word. I was tweeting about how I had “free reign” of the MediaHQ hot chocolate because the office was empty. What I should have said was that I had “free rein”.

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