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Grammar Happy, Press Release, Tips May 1, 2018

Grammar Happy: Is your grammar in a good mood?

Keep your copy clean with our latest Grammar Happy post — learn how to identify the indicative, imperative and subjunctive moods. Moody people are difficult to read. One second you might be on their good side, but the next second you might be on the ground. When someone’s mood is constantly changing, it can be difficult to figure

Creativity, Grammar Happy, Irish Blogs February 7, 2018

Grammar Happy: 5 mistakes to avoid in press releases

Grammar mistakes–the arch-enemy of PR professionals. Here at MediaHQ, we don’t even like to post a picture to Instagram or a status to Facebook, without checking it over a million times before sending it off into the depths of social media for the world to see. Unfortunately, in the world of PR, there is no

Grammar Happy, PR, PR Tips May 31, 2016

Grammar Happy: 10 words we’ve banned from press releases

Hacks hate hyperboles, yet so many PR professionals still distribute media releases that are laced with nonsense and highfalutin fluff.

Grammar Happy,, PR May 9, 2016

Grammar Happy: 8 mistakes that make journalists furious

Delivering first-class copy will boost your reputation as a reliable source of information.

Grammar Happy, PR, PR Tips April 25, 2016

Grammar Happy: PR newbies, avoid these common mistakes

If you’re new to PR, don’t repeat the grammar faux pas made by other PR professionals.

Grammar Happy, Tips April 18, 2016

Grammar Happy: Crack the “eggcorn”

Even the strictest grammarian has fallen victim to the eggcorn.

Grammar Happy, Media, April 11, 2016

Grammar Happy – Ssh! The low down on silent letters

Whether it’s a story concerning condemning a colleague or kneading a knot from a salmon, silent letters are very useful when writing a press release. But where did they come from and why exactly do they exist? In this week’s grammar happy installment we put silent letters under the microscope.

Grammar Happy, Press Release, Tips April 4, 2016

Grammar Happy: ‘I was’ or ‘I were?’ The subjunctive mood

Keep your copy clean with our latest Grammar Happy post—learn how to correctly use the past subjunctive mood.

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