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Brand Storytelling, Branding, Instagram August 9, 2016

Why Instagram stories are a big deal for brands

Anyone who uses Instagram will have noticed its new ‘stories’ feature, which is exactly like Snapchat’s.  While some users are still unsure about this new development, believing it is ripping snapchat off or that this isn’t what Instagram is for, brands are absolutely loving it.  There’s a few reasons for this. Most of them are

Instagram, PR, PR Tips May 25, 2016

5 ways to use Instagram for PR

Instagram has been gaining momentum since it’s launch in 2010. If you thought that Instagram was a space for snapchatting millennials only, then you would be wrong. Instagram can be an excellent resource for PR pros.  If you still need some convincing before you jump on the bandwagon, here’s 5 ways to use it for

Content, Creativity, Digital Marketing January 12, 2016

5 Corporate Blogs to Inspire You

  The key to any great brand is story telling. Connecting with your audience. Forming a community. Forget about the age of the website, everyone has one. Now we have entered the age of the blog. It is here where stories are told and an online presense is carved. Here are five inspiring examples. 

Instagram, Media, Media Tips January 8, 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Customer Care

Social media is increasingly becoming a communication medium between the customer and the business. This as always has its pros and cons. Here at we have devised a list of the do’s and don’ts to help you get it right. Do: Choose an appropriate platform for your business. In a world where social media

Instagram, Media Tips, Online January 5, 2016

4 Ways PR Pros use Hashtags

  Since its humble birth in 2007, the power of the hashtag  has undeniably grown to become one of the greatest tools  in the marketing world and it certainly is not going anywhere any time soon. Indeed predictably it is  2016 where we will see hashtag marketing reach its full fruition. Now is the time

Awards, Content, Creativity October 29, 2015

Is Instagram right for your business?

Instagram is a social media platform predominantly accessed through mobile devices. Since its 2010 debut on the iPhone, Instagram has grown at a phenomenal rate surpassing many of its social media peers.

Awards, entertainment, Instagram October 28, 2015

Get Snapy happy at the Irish Instagram awards

The #HUAWEISNAPYS (or the Independent Awards for the Irish Instagram Community) are taking place in Dublin City Hall tonight. The Snapys Awards will reward the best Instagram snaps from across 20 different categories such as Food, Sport, Music, Selfie, Family, Nighttime, Video, No Filter and some creative wild card categories too!

Communications, Content, entertainment August 20, 2015

Instagram is hugely important to your business

You read it correctly, Instagram is important for business. The application ‘marketed’ at people who, rather than enjoy savouring the taste and texture of the creamy chocolate mousse they just paid up to €10 for, they take a picture of it. We live in a culture where people can’t eat without taking a picture of the product. And

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