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Media on the Move, Media Relations, MediaHQ September 10, 2018

Why PR is for everyone, not just big corporations

PR, or Public Relations, is something which is often ignored by smaller businesses. It is often viewed as a practice only suitable for multi-million euro corporations who have the budget for press officers and media relators. This is, undeniably,  just not true. Brand communications can play such an integral role in your business, regardless of

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media September 10, 2018

MediaHQ Essentials: Creating your perfect press release for the Ploughing Championships

Welcome to this week’s MediaHQ Essentials. This week with the advent of the Ploughing Championships almost upon us we’ll be looking at how to create and send the perfect National Ploughing Championships press release. The National Ploughing Championships will soon be in full swing and dominating the media of the moment in Ireland. This week in our

Communications, Media, PR September 7, 2018

Why does a PR Pro need an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is more than just planning for monthly press releases. It should incorporate your blog posts, press releases, social media posts, email newsletters etc. These are normally planned out on a monthly/quarterly basis.  Editorial calendars are never going to be concrete plans, as things will change and news will happen. However, they act as

Communications, PR Tips September 6, 2018

3 fresh marketing trends that will make you a better PR person

It’s only September, yet, already the mornings are starting to feel crisper and the evenings are getting shorter. City streets are now bursting with people rushing to work instead of tourists standing around with cameras. The change of season brings a different energy and pace, and business always starts to pick up again after the

Communications,, PR September 6, 2018

5 ways to measure the success of your PR campaign

The creativity and cleverness behind every PR campaign comes at a cost.  A lot of time, money and effort are put into planning, constructing and executing the perfect PR campaign.  Each campaign is carefully moulded to target a specific audience, to sell a certain idea or product, in hopes to get positive feedback with a

Media, Media Relations, Media Tips September 5, 2018

MediaHQ Essentials: How to monitor your email bounces to maximise your open rates

Welcome to MediaHQ Essentials, our weekly series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we are looking at how you can monitor email bounces on MediaHQ to maximise your open rates. When you send a press release with MediaHQ you can access details on its delivery rate on your MediaHQ profile.

5 minutes with the media, Communications, Featured Journalist September 5, 2018

5 Minutes with the Media – Melanie May

Every week here at MediaHQ we chat with a member of the media landscape to get an insight into what’s it’s like to work in the Irish industry, including the challenges media professionals currently face.  This week we chat with freelance journalist, Melanie May.  What is your current role and what does it involve day to

Marketing, Media Tips September 4, 2018

Top 5 elements of successful PR email marketing strategies

Email marketing strategies are incredibly effective, when deployed in the correct manner of course. As a PR firm, you most certainly want your recipients to receive your emails. Whether you’re sending emails on behalf of your client, or even just sending out emails to try and attract new retainers, having a successful marketing strategy can

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