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Branding, Communications, Content May 6, 2014

Why Storytelling is the Ultimate Weapon?

Without a story our brand, idea, product, or cause is dead,- it has no reach. It lacks a major factor to make it attractive and successful. Humans aren’t moved by facts. The aren’t moved by data. They aren’t moved by slides, spreadsheets or charts. What they are moved by however is emotion. The best way

Branding, Course/Training, Media June 11, 2013

Best Social Media Strategy as chosen by Facebook

Facebook decided to award the brands that have the best social media strategy on the social network site. And the winner is Oreo! The Oreo facebook page already had an advantage, as it is an extremely well known brand, however Facebook only chose brands that used mostly unpaid advertising on the site. What caught the

Branding, Course/Training, Media June 7, 2013

Top 3 Irish Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook has over one billion users worldwide and over 2 million in Ireland. It’s no secret that it provides ample business opportunities, so which Irish brands are performing the best on Facebook. 1. Tourism Ireland; this Facebook page has an extremely impressive 502,000 likes. It uses scenic photographs of Ireland as the main way to

Branding, Course/Training, Media May 30, 2013

3 reasons why verified Facebook accounts are good for your organisation

Facebook is launching verified pages and profiles which have the possibility to promote your organisation furthermore. Similar to Twitter, the pages will feature a small blue tick beside the owner’s name. Verified Facebook accounts, like twitter, are exclusive to public figures, popular brands and organisations. This new approach could lead to better promotion opportunities and

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