How to effectively manage your remote PR
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How to Effectively Manage your Remote PR

By Ciara Byrne

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PR Tactic How to negotiate an exclusive with a journalist
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How to negotiate an exclusive with a journalist?

How do I pitch an exclusive with a journalist?

By Jack Murray

How do I pitch an exclusive with a journalist? Read our simple guide below:   What is it? It’s how to negotiate when you have a really good story and you decide to give it to one journalist as an exclusive.   Why do you do it? An agreed exclusive will give you guaranteed coverage […]

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10 Questions to Ensure Your Media Contacts Database is Fit for Purpose

By Jack Murray

A media contacts database is a directory of media contacts. This can include contact information for people working in the media industry including journalists, producers, researchers, editors and influencers. The database allows communication professionals to search through it and find people they want to contact to pitch a story to.   For companies looking to […]

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Media Deadlines
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How to write an effective press release

By Jack Murray

Here at MediaHQ we see hundreds of press releases a week, so trust us when we say that we know the good from the bad.   Writing a press release can often prove tricky, even for the experts. Here’s five tips for making your press release more effective.   1. Write an attention-grabbing headline A […]

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25 Must Know Irish Media Deadlines

By Jack Gamble

Introduction A simple guide to Irish Media Deadlines by MediaHQ.   ‘Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing’ – Miles Davis   Being successful with a pitch to a journalist is like that line from Al Pacino’s famous speech in the movie Any Given Sunday. He says that in football, as in life, […]

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