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How to use LinkedIn to build your influence

By Lisa Collins

LinkedIn is an  important and brilliant way to connect with likeminded individuals, and potential business partners. In 2015 LinkedIn had averaged more than 187 million unique visitors to the website each month, from over 200 countries worldwide. To put it simply, LinkedIn is the place to be. Here are a few steps on how to go […]

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How to generate original and exciting content

By Muireann Beasley

In order to increase SEO rankings and generate traffic on your site it’s necessary to produce great content. Lucky for you here at MediaHQ.com we know our stuff. Here’s our guide on how to produce quality content. 1. Passion: In a day and age where material is dictated by the concept of ‘writing for your […]

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How to build an army of loyal and loving customers

By Shane Tierney

‘Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’. We all know the mantra, however it does not apply when discussing customers. Without customers, a company will squander away into nothingness. A considerable amount of a company’s time and resources needs to be allocated towards ensuring that the customers are consistently delighted.

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