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How PR pros can cooperate with journalists

By Mary Mtabali

The relationship between PR professionals and journalists is known for being adversarial. Journalists view PR pros as obstacles who either get in the way of stories or try to create stories from nothing. On the other hand, PR pros get frustrated when journalists ignore their work.  As we commemorate International Cooperative Day tomorrow, we explore […]

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How to be an independent freelance PR pro

By Ruan Gormley

At MediaHQ, we know all about the PR industry. PR professionals need to be media savvy, creative, people people. They are responsible for raising a company’s positive media coverage, building relationships with key people and managing a company’s reputation by actively counteracting any negative publicity that could damage their name. They are in charge of […]

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How to make your press release dance to the media’s drum

By Rachel Carey

Here at MediaHQ we see hundreds of press releases pass through our system each week. Some get picked up by the media in seconds and others unfortunately get forgotten about in inboxes. So what is it that makes journalists choose one press release over another? Keeping journalists happy and interested in your story is a […]

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How to Use Search Engine Optimisation for Public Relations Purposes

By admin

The world of PR is evolving and becoming more digitised than ever before. Today, many public relations plans are dependent on a variety of digital tools which are intrinsic to any business or organisation’s success. Things like social media, digital or ambient advertising and marketing are important for brand outreach or communicating your product or services on a digital platform.

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Press Releases Distribution | How To Be Zen

By Ruan Gormley

Press Releases Distribution | How To Be Zen Here at MediaHQ, we see hundreds of press releases distributed through our system every week. The world of modern PR can be taxing and strenuous on even the most patient of professionals. Carrying out an effective PR strategy can be a tricky feat and this profession is […]

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