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Top Ten UK Newspaper Publications

By Jack Murray

Get Full Access to all these publications plus 10,000 more with MediaHQ. More than just a media contacts database. Find journalists, build lists and make the news. Request a demo As people throughout the UK continue to find alternative sources to consume news, newspaper circulation has fallen across the board.

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PR Tactic In Focus: News Hijacking

By Jack Murray

A news story breaks that’s linked to your cause. How are you going to make the most of this opportunity, and fast? At MediaHQ, we know just how manic the public relations world can be. PR pros are constantly trying to find creative ways to promote products and generate a positive public perception of their […]

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Must-Listen Podcast Episodes of the Month

By Mary Mtabali

Let’s face it: There are too many podcasts out in the PR world, which means there are way too many podcast episodes for the ordinary PR pro to browse through. At MediaHQ, we’ve listened to so many episodes, for work and for entertainment, that we occasionally forget what our own voices sound like (they ain’t […]

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PR Tactic How to negotiate an exclusive with a journalist(3)
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How to Effectively Distribute Press Releases

By Rachel Carey

How do you effectively Distribute Press Releases? Read our simple guide on how to distribute press releases that make a difference below. We’ve been working with companies for over 17 years, helping them build media lists, write press releases and develop the right strategy for sending their stories. In that time we have gained significant […]

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medai erelations
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How to maintain good media relations

By Kate Ryan

Here at MediaHQ we understand how important it is to main good media relations. Once the effort has been put into forming them it would be a shame to see them go to waste. We have compiled three simple tips that will help you maintain good media relations. It can often feel like you’re navigating […]

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How to checkmate your PR goals

By admin

It’s international chess day and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a variety of ways on how you can checkmate your PR goals. Believe it or not, PR shares many parallels with chess.

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