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How to Use a News Diary Effectively

By Anna Henderson

Here at, our press release distribution platform contains a News Diary feature that is available to our customers. The News Diary is a calendar that is packed full of significant events and occasions, as well as some weird and wonderful days that are compiled by our in-house research team.   The calendar view can […]

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10 Questions to Ensure Your Media Contacts Database is Fit for Purpose

By Jack Murray

A media contacts database is a directory of media contacts. This can include contact information for people working in the media industry including journalists, producers, researchers, editors and influencers. The database allows communication professionals to search through it and find people they want to contact to pitch a story to.   For companies looking to […]

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Press Release 101: Top 3 common mistakes to avoid

By Anna Henderson

Press Release 101″ Here are the most common PR mistakes to avoid.   1) The headline isn’t good enough   Your headline might just be the most important part of your press release. It needs to elicit emotions and actions from the reader. If you bore or confuse your audience within the first couple of […]

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6 Must Have PR Tools you need to Make the News

By Rachel Carey

Public Relations is an ever-changing industry. What PR tools those working in the communications industry now need to succeed has changed dramatically in the last few years.  New challenges are consistently being presented to those working in the field. Today, a nicely put together press release and your little black book of media contacts no […]

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How to Pitch a Feature Story

By Jack Murray

When it comes to crafting a pitch for your feature story, we understand it can be difficult to get the attention of a busy journalist. We’ve compiled a list of 7 tips for you on how to pitch a feature story with ease.   1. Keep your pitch short and concise The 24-hour news cycle […]

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