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MediaHQ,, PR November 16, 2017

Top 5 PR tips for those starting out in the industry

A blog post written by Patrick, who worked with us for a week as part of his Transition Year work experience.  Here at MediaHQ, we frequently sit down with PR Pros to find out what it’s like to work in the Irish industry and see if they have any hints or tips. At the end of

5 minutes with the media, Audience, Communications November 13, 2017

Top 5 pitching tips from our weekly 5 minutes with the media

One of our favourite things we do here at MediaHQ is have a chat each week with a journalist working in the Irish media. We learn a bit more about their careers, where they want to end up, and what they think about the challenges facing the industry. Just for you, we sneak in the question “what advice

Advertising, PR, PR Tips November 2, 2017

Our top 5 feel good PR campaigns of 2017 so far

There’s nothing worse than a bad ad. They always tick the same, mundane boxes and completely put you off the product being pushed. They’re repetitive, unfunny and can be downright annoying, which isn’t ideal in the PR world. Worst of all, they always seem to be on your screens every 15 minutes. A good marketing

MediaHQ, PR, PR Tips November 1, 2017

Pressing PR Questions – Press Releases

Sending press releases can be tricky. You want yours to stand out amongst the numerous others in a journalist’s inbox, and you want your message to be short and snappy to grab the journalist’s attention quickly. Here at, our clients have sent out over 160,000 press releases, so we like to think we know

Brand Storytelling, Community, Magazine October 6, 2017

5 reasons online media contacts need to be in your 2018 budget

If you’re a PR practitioner working in an agency or in-house, it’s now 2018 budget time. So what should be in your budget? We firmly believe that you should be putting some budget aside for an online media contact service. Why? Well here are five great reasons:

Irish Journalists,, PR October 5, 2017

PR Pro Perspectives – Chris Kelly of eir

PR Pro Perspectives is a series of interviews with some of Ireland’s most talented PR pros. This week MediaHQ speaks with Chris Kelly of eir.

Communications, PR, PR Tips October 2, 2017

5 ways you know your media lists are hopelessly out of date

The media landscape is one that changes fast, and often. Reporters and editors change job position, or move to different outlets. Stations change programmes, or publications alter their formats. Some companies go out of business. This all happens on a weekly basis. If you don’t update your media lists often, you are going to run

Blogs, Content, DIT September 7, 2017

PR Pro Perspectives – Lisa Saputo of DIT | MediaHQ

PR Pro Perspectives is an ongoing series where we interview some of Ireland’s most talented PR professionals. This week we speak with DIT’s Public Relations Officer – Lisa Saputo. How did you come to work in PR? Well, I sort of fell into it, to be honest. I studied Journalism in Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock and

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