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Communications, Content, Creativity July 18, 2018

4 thrilling tips for becoming a Digital PR pro

Long gone are the days of faxing out media alerts or sending press releases via couriers. PR has gone digital, changing fundamental aspects of the industry. PR experts now have to be equipped with the skills to master the world of digital PR and here at MediaHQ, we have four tips that can help you

Communications, Content, Creativity July 16, 2018

How to successfully incorporate brand storytelling into your press release

Here at MediaHQ, we’ve seen 175,000 individual stories being shared through our press release platform since we first came into existence. From government departments to PR agencies and national charities, we have some of Ireland’s biggest organisations on our client book. 

Communications, Content, Creativity July 13, 2018

Blast low engagement rates with visual content

Imagine this: You receive an email. It is two-three paragraphs long, heavy on text, informing you about an upcoming event or product launch. You’re not really sure what it’s about and you only have a few minutes to check notifications. You scan quickly through it, then move onto the next item in your inbox. Do you

Content, Creativity, Digital Marketing July 9, 2018

3 simple ways to repurpose your online content

Ever written a really good piece and it just didn’t get the traction you had hoped for? You spent hours researching, reaching out for quotes, creating a killer headline and image, and suddenly the piece is stuck in the archives never to see the light of day. Whether it’s a blog post, a press release

Communications, Content, Creativity July 2, 2018

5 reasons why a company newsletter is communications gold

If your company is anything like MediaHQ, then people around the office are always in search of something good to read: books, magazine articles, newsletters, you name it. Speaking of newsletters, it might be a good idea to launch your own. But why should you consider doing it? 1. It gives an insight into your

Communications, Content, Creativity April 30, 2018

What mental blocks are stopping your creativity?

Whether you’re trying to write a press release, pitch a new product idea or give a presentation, creative thinking is key to making sure you stand out.  In order to be creative, you have to change your thinking process. Creativity doesn’t have to be painting a huge mural, or writing a play, or playing music.

Creativity, PR, PR Tips April 17, 2018

What role does creativity have in PR?

Creativity is the life’s blood of PR–it’s the heart and soul of every PR professionals work. It’s not a skill, but rather a way of operating that can be learned. In the industry, everyone is competing for media attention, but not everyone can make themselves heard. If your approach isn’t innovative, how will you ever

Creativity, Grammar Happy, Irish Blogs February 7, 2018

Grammar Happy: 5 mistakes to avoid in press releases

Grammar mistakes–the arch-enemy of PR professionals. Here at MediaHQ, we don’t even like to post a picture to Instagram or a status to Facebook, without checking it over a million times before sending it off into the depths of social media for the world to see. Unfortunately, in the world of PR, there is no

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