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Communications, How To Content, PR September 3, 2018

Back to school: Learn how to plan a successful PR campaign

The summer is over and it’s time to kick back into gear. To start September off right we’re looking at some practical Public Relations 101. Like most aspects of a communications strategy, the PR campaign itself will change from business to business but below we run through some top tips to make sure you achieve

Communications, How To Content, Marketing August 29, 2018

Digital Survival Guide: How to deal with a negative PR review

Sometimes a bad review can be used as constructive criticism that can help you grow. However, there are times when a bad review can really knock your reputation and have a detrimental effect on your business, especially for those which are less established. First things first – Don’t ignore it One of the worst things you

Communications, Content, Grammar Happy August 28, 2018

Want to become a better PR writer? Say goodbye to these fillers

Trying to grab your audience’s attention? Want to get your message across?  Want your audience to take action? Answered yes to any or all of the above? Sometimes it may seem like an impossible task, particularly when writing within the parameters of a press release. You also have to include quotes and flesh out a

Communications, How To Content, Media Relations August 9, 2018

Tips for working smarter with your PR software

In the technological age we’re living in there is, more often than not, a software solution for any task we are undertaking and PR activities are no different. There are PR software platforms to help you with every aspect of your campaign but if you’re not working smartly with them than they can be more

Communications, Content, How To Content August 2, 2018

3 tactics to increase your email open rates

While most of us might spend a few hours trying to write the copy for our press releases or email marketing campaigns, do we really take the time to concentrate on the email subject line? This could be the point where a lot of people are falling flat as your subject line is the only

Branding, Communications, Content July 31, 2018

How being unorganised is killing your digital marketing efforts

Whether you are a dedicated digital marketing professional or digital marketing is just a smaller part of your role, being organised is the key to keeping your workflow smooth and effective. Without an organised system, you are more than likely just throwing your resources into the wind and hoping for the best. An organised digital

Communications, Content, How To Content July 19, 2018

Pitching tips from Ireland’s top journalists – eBook

Sending out press releases can be a tricky business. Thinking of an eye-catching story headline, a snappy email subject line, researching the story and reaching out to people for quotes can be time-consuming. You send it out to the media in the hopes it will get picked up, and even then it’s still not guaranteed.

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing June 29, 2018

Trade Focus: How to pitch to Senior Times

As PR pros, we know how important it is to get our clients as much coverage as possible. However, we should also be aware that it is equally as important that our pitches are reaching the right publications. You wouldn’t send a release about new environmental legislation to a teenage fashion magazine now, would you?

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