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Media Intelligence, Media Relations, MediaHQ July 19, 2018

How much time are your media lists draining?

Building media lists is one of those unavoidable and tedious tasks which comes with a career in PR. Like a sink full of dishes or a stack of laundry it just has to be done. In this hyper-competitive environment creating multiple media lists is the best way to ensure that your releases are targeted and

Journalism, Media Changes, Media on the Move July 12, 2018

Research Roundup – What two weeks worth of MediaHQ research looks like

We at MediaHQ, believe that we are only ever as good as the quality of our research. We pride ourselves on this fact and for that reason, we have a wonderful team of researchers working day in and day out to ensure we keep to our high standards. The research team at MediaHQ are some

Digital Marketing, MediaHQ, MediaHQ Features July 12, 2018

3 tips for optimising your PR deliverability

You’ve written it. You’ve had it proof-read. You’re now ready to send out your press release to your staggering media list. But are you confident that all of these journalists are going to even receive your email, never mind read it? Do you have enough of a connection to be sure? Press releases are useless

Media Intelligence, Media Relations, MediaHQ July 5, 2018

3 wonderful ways MediaHQ improves your work life

Here at MediaHQ, we take the grunt work out of your media relations by providing you with an always up to the minute database filled with the most important media contacts in Ireland. Our research team work hard and keep an eagle eye out for the latest updates and media moves so that you are

Media Intelligence, Media on the Move, Media Relations July 2, 2018

Digital vs Legacy: Why you need to stop using a contacts book

PR practices are ever changing. No longer do PR pros have to spend hours scanning newspapers and magazines to check on how their clients are being perceived by the press. New media monitoring services have helped to take the grunt work out of our daily schedules, freeing up more time for creativity and experimentation with

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing June 29, 2018

Trade Focus: How to pitch to Senior Times

As PR pros, we know how important it is to get our clients as much coverage as possible. However, we should also be aware that it is equally as important that our pitches are reaching the right publications. You wouldn’t send a release about new environmental legislation to a teenage fashion magazine now, would you?

Media, MediaHQ, MediaHQ Features June 26, 2018

4 ways MediaHQ can help launch your startup

Starting a new company is a tasking endeavour. Between launching to funding your company there is enough to contend with. Press releases are often the last thing on your mind. It can be difficult to get a startup off the ground and running unless you have the right PR tools behind you. Here at MediaHQ,

MediaHQ Features April 19, 2018

Our News Diary by the Numbers

Here at MediaHQ, we’re getting ready to launch our exciting News Diary feature. Packed full of helpful hook ideas to help give you the competitive edge when it comes to sending press releases. We’re going to take a minute to break down the numbers behind the news. Over 200 Unique Story Hooks These are collected

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