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One year on: How MediaHQ keeps you GDPR compliant


It’s been a whole year since the scary, new GDPR regulation came into effect. People panicked, they were confused and some are still unsure if they are doing it right. Here at MediaHQ, we prepared for the incoming data protection chaos and launched some new features to ensure that we and our clients remained GDPR […]

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How to clean up your lists


We’ve all been there, ready to send a press release but your unorganised lists cause a bit of a carfuffle. It is crucial for your campaign to send out press releases to individuals who cover or are interested in your topic. Whether they work under a specific department, cover regular features or have shown previous […]

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2019 PR budget

Planning your 2019 PR Budget – here’s 3 trends to consider


At MediaHQ – we work with In-House PR teams in some of Ireland’s busiest Press Offices – organisations like the House of the Oireachtas, Paddy Power, Dublin Airport, and the Cancer Society to name just a few. So what do you need to put in your 2019 budget? Here are three ideas: Story transformation Story transformation […]

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opt-outs GDPR

In the GDPR era, how do you stop people opting-out from your releases?


Under GDPR any and all email communications you send out, including all your wonderful press releases are required to come with an easy opt-out option. In an ideal world no one would ever want to opt-out from your releases but to safeguard you from this here’s a couple of best practice tips to prevent the perils […]

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3 unexpected consequences of GDPR


With the General Data Protection Regulation firmly in place, the onslaught of consent emails has finally calmed down. While the regulation is great for individuals to take back control of their personal data, there have been some, eh annoyances, since the GDPR kicked in. Here are three unexpected consequences that came after the deadline: Accept […]

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4 digital marketing trends every PR Pro needs to be aware of


When you first think of marketing, you might not always connect PR with it. However, in this new age of digital marketing, it appears as if the two are intrinsically linked. It is almost impossible to discuss PR and not mention digital marketing. As a PR Pro, you now have to be more aware of digital […]

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media lists

Are your media lists a PR peril?


Media lists can become great hulking things. Left to their own devices, they can sprawl into huge, unwieldy tools that are often more trouble than they’re worth. For a PR pro, an unchecked media list can spell disaster. The best defence against media list catastrophe is a live list. A live list involves making a […]

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3 reasons why GDPR can boost better practice in PR


GDPR.   The four letters you’re probably sick to death of hearing by now, am I right? Since its introduction on the 25th of last month, most of us have put the new data protection law to the back of our minds. Time for a breather. Sure its all over now…right? WRONG! Even if you’ve […]

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What are 3 major benefits of GDPR for PR Pros?


Believe or not…GDPR is actually a good thing. Since it was rolled out over a week ago, most of us can probably agree that our inboxes have been filled with emails with subject lines reading, “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy…”, right? Although some companies may have found it difficult to wrap their heads around the […]

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