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Content, MediaHQ, News April 16, 2018

3 reasons why every PR Pro needs a News Diary

Here at MediaHQ, we’ve seen over 173,000 different stories sent out by our clients to local and national media across print, radio, television and online. That number should give you an idea of the tidal wave of releases that sweep into journalist’s inboxes on a daily basis. To say it’s a challenge to make yourself

Communications, Content, Journalism April 9, 2018

7 tips for writing the best press release headline

When you write a press release, the headline is everything. Those 60 to 100 characters are what make or break it. If your headline does not entice the readers to click on it, the press release is headed straight for the press release graveyard. Don’t know what that is? Read our article on online newsrooms

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media April 5, 2018

Why journalists in Ireland should be on MediaHQ

If you’re a journalist working in Ireland, here’s why we think you would benefit from being listed on MediaHQ. Firstly, how does MediaHQ work? The company started out as a media directory book but moved to an online system in 2009. MediaHQ is now a combination of a cloud-based media contacts directory and a system for sending

Media Tips, MediaHQ, March 28, 2018

5 key elements of an online newsroom

Have you ever heard of a press release graveyard? (Probably not, because we’ve just made the term up, but the issue is real). Time and time again we see press release pages with dead releases. Not an image, video or catchy headline to break it up. We here at MediaHQ are all about brand newsrooms,

Communications, MediaHQ, March 22, 2018

PR Pro Perspectives: Amy Bramley

In the latest instalment of our popular “PR Pro Perspectives”, Amy Bramley from Muscular Dystrophy Ireland took the time to talk to us about the role of PR in the charity sector and how to stay on top of your game in the fast-changing media industry.  You studied Business Studies in Tourism at AIT. How

Communications, Digital, Digital Marketing March 14, 2018

5 simple ways to improve your PR this year

The difference between a good organisation and a great one lies in the hands of the Gods–or as we like to call them here at MediaHQ, the PR professionals. Public Relations is about building positive relationships with the public in order to obtain and maintain a good name for yourself and for your company.  PR effects

MediaHQ, PR Tips March 13, 2018

3 reasons our Newsfeed feature is life changing for PR Pros

Just over a year on from the launch of the MediaHQ Newsfeed last February, we decided to look at why it’s the perfect tool if you’re in PR or marketing.   Firstly, what is the Newsfeed? The Newsfeed is a live feed of posts populated by our research team. It contains PR tips, media news and

MediaHQ,, PR February 27, 2018

PR Pro Perspectives: Lucy C. Cronin

In the latest instalment of our popular “PR Pro Perspectives” series, we sat down with Lucy Cronin from Instinctif Partners Dublin, a Public Affairs agency. She discussed the difference between PR and PA, the role of social media in the Public Affairs industry and why many Irish people perceive lobbying as a murky business, even

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