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Journalism, Media, Media Changes August 13, 2018

Monday’s MediaIQ: Updating your lists

Welcome to the latest Monday MediaIQ, our series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we’ll be looking at how to keep your lists up to date and ready to use.  MediaHQ gives you the perfect platform to build some amazing media lists. Whether you build your list from scratch or with

Communications, How To Content, Media Relations August 9, 2018

Tips for working smarter with your PR software

In the technological age we’re living in there is, more often than not, a software solution for any task we are undertaking and PR activities are no different. There are PR software platforms to help you with every aspect of your campaign but if you’re not working smartly with them than they can be more

Changes, Media Relations, MediaHQ August 6, 2018

Monday’s MediaIQ: How to draft a press release directly from the News Diary

Welcome to the start of a new weekly series here at MediaHQ: MediaIQ (get it?). Each week we’ll be bringing you a new helpful tutorial fresh from the MediaHQ research team to help you become a pro on our platform. This week we’re having a quick look at drafting press releases directly from our News

Communications, Content, MediaHQ July 26, 2018

MediaHQ Hall of Fame – 3 stories that did really well this month

Since our beginnings, here at MediaHQ we have seen and shared over 180,000 individual through our system. Due to the sheer volume we have seen some amazing stories and some not so great. However, this month we decided to take a look at some of the stories that did particularly well in July. Take a

Media Tips, MediaHQ, PR July 26, 2018

3 reasons why PR Pros should be newsjacking

Newsjacking! Sounds like a great buzzword doesn’t it? It carries with it that sense of absolute urgency which would attract the likes of the super sales buffs and marketing fanatics. That’s because the phrase, and the whole concept itself, is based upon urgency. Newsjacking refers to the practice of using a breaking news topic to

Media Intelligence, Media Relations, MediaHQ July 19, 2018

How much time are your media lists draining?

Building media lists is one of those unavoidable and tedious tasks which comes with a career in PR. Like a sink full of dishes or a stack of laundry it just has to be done. In this hyper-competitive environment creating multiple media lists is the best way to ensure that your releases are targeted and

Journalism, Media Changes, Media on the Move July 12, 2018

Research Roundup – What two weeks worth of MediaHQ research looks like

We at MediaHQ, believe that we are only ever as good as the quality of our research. We pride ourselves on this fact and for that reason, we have a wonderful team of researchers working day in and day out to ensure we keep to our high standards. The research team at MediaHQ are some

Digital Marketing, MediaHQ, MediaHQ Features July 12, 2018

3 tips for optimising your PR deliverability

You’ve written it. You’ve had it proof-read. You’re now ready to send out your press release to your staggering media list. But are you confident that all of these journalists are going to even receive your email, never mind read it? Do you have enough of a connection to be sure? Press releases are useless

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