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Communications, Content, Irish Journalists June 22, 2018

Bore-fest Press: The Don’ts of Press Releases

Journalists can receive hundreds of press releases each week. However, only a select few of these stories are chosen to be published. But what is it that is making these select few so attractive and your press release is being overlooked? Well, it’s probably what you’re doing wrong, instead of what you’re doing right… Below,

Media Relations, MediaHQ, PR Tips June 12, 2018

PR Pro Perspective: Shane Dempsey

In the latest instalment of our popular “PR Pro Perspectives”, Shane Dempsey, Director of Communications for Construction Industry Federation, took the time to chat with MediaHQ about his start in the Irish PR industry, the challenges of managing communications for the Irish construction industry, and how to keep up with the ever-changing media industry.  Q.1:

GDPR, Media Tips, MediaHQ June 5, 2018

What are 3 major benefits of GDPR for PR Pros?

Believe or not…GDPR is actually a good thing. Since it was rolled out over a week ago, most of us can probably agree that our inboxes have been filled with emails with subject lines reading, “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy…”, right? Although some companies may have found it difficult to wrap their heads around the

Media Relations, Media Tips, MediaHQ June 1, 2018

Poll of Polls: Most read news headlines this week

Want to know what news headlines everyone is reading? Which stories have captivated the nation and have kept our interest since Monday morning? MediaHQ does more than just connect you with hundreds of journalists across the country. We’re constantly monitoring the front pages and websites from all corners of the country to see what stories

Media, Media Intelligence, Media Tips June 1, 2018

Common ‘Own Contacts’ mistakes that are costing you coverage

As well as our extensive database of media contacts MediaHQ offers you the ability to upload your own contacts. This allows you to send your press releases to other members of your team or to exclusive journalists addresses you might have. The ‘Own Contacts’ feature can be a really useful tool if used it correctly. However, making

Media Intelligence, Media Tips, MediaHQ May 31, 2018

Trade Focus: How to pitch to Easy Food Magazine

As PR pros, we know how important it is to get our clients as much coverage as possible. However, we should also be aware that it is equally as important that our pitches are reaching the right publications. You wouldn’t send a release about new environmental legislation to a teenage fashion magazine now, would you?

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media May 28, 2018

Behind the Scenes with our Research Team

Here at MediaHQ, we are only ever as good as our research and as it happens that’s pretty damn good. Our dedicated research team spend their days making sure that all our contacts are up to date and that our clients can get their releases to the right people. So how do we do it? Here’s

Media on the Move, Media Relations, Media Tips May 25, 2018

Media on the Move: This week’s latest media movements

The media industry never stands still, and with people moving jobs, retiring, and leaving the industry, it can be difficult to keep up. At MediaHQ, we have a research team dedicated updating our newsfeed with the latest media movements. Last week alone we provided 90+ updates to our clients, as well as making well over

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