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Irish Journalists, Media, Media Changes September 25, 2017

Media movements – MediaHQ’s newsfeed recap

Here is MediaHQ’s newsfeed review to bring you some of the biggest updates in the media industry that you may have missed last week.

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Uncategorized September 19, 2017

5 Minutes With the Media – Patrick Donohoe of the Irish Farmers Journal

Patrick Donohoe, News Editor of the Irish Farmers Journal, is this week’s 5 Minutes With the Media interviewee for MediaHQ.

5 minutes with the media, Irish Journalists, Today FM September 12, 2017

5 Minutes With the Media – Juliette Gash

In this week’s 5 Minutes With the Media we speak to Today FM’s Juliette Gash. What is your current role in the media and what does it involve? I’m a Senior News Reporter with the Communicorp News Centre of Excellence, previously holding the role with Today FM News. As a general reporter, I could be covering

Irish Journalists, Media, Uncategorized September 6, 2017

Media Movements – MediaHQ’s Newsfeed Recap

MediaHQ has Ireland’s only live newsfeed to track media movements, media news and advice for PR professionals. Download the week’s highlights here.

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media Changes August 28, 2017

Media Movements – MediaHQ’s Newsfeed recap

Dungannon Herald launches and Newstalk’s Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney get new positions – it’s all here in our MediaHQ newsfeed review!

Irish Journalists, Media Changes, Media on the Move July 28, 2017

Stay up to date – This Week’s Newsfeed Review

Make sure that your media contacts are up to date – This Week’s Newsfeed Review shows you some of our updates from the past week.

Blogs, Communications, Irish Journalists July 12, 2017

8 Pitching Tips from the Pros

A newsroom is a very busy place and your press release can easily get lost in the floods of emails and calls arriving in. To help you increase the chances of your story getting picked up, we’ve decided to put together some pitching tips from journalists. From keeping the most interesting content at the top, to

5 minutes with the media, Irish Journalists June 28, 2017

5 minutes with the media – Paul O’Donoghue

In this week’s 5 minutes with the media, we have a chat with Paul O’Donoghue, staff reporter at,’s new business website.

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