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Communications, Content, Journalism April 9, 2018

7 tips for writing the best press release headline

When you write a press release, the headline is everything. Those 60 to 100 characters are what make or break it. If your headline does not entice the readers to click on it, the press release is headed straight for the press release graveyard. Don’t know what that is? Read our article on online newsrooms

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing April 3, 2018

Press Release 101: 3 words to delete

(and what words you should use instead) Here at MediaHQ, our clients have sent over 172,000 stories to local and national media across print, radio and television. Having seen that many press releases, we know a thing or two about jargon and over-used words.  You might have seen our blog post a while ago outlining 5

Media Tips, MediaHQ, March 28, 2018

5 key elements of an online newsroom

Have you ever heard of a press release graveyard? (Probably not, because we’ve just made the term up, but the issue is real). Time and time again we see press release pages with dead releases. Not an image, video or catchy headline to break it up. We here at MediaHQ are all about brand newsrooms,

Communications, Content, Digital March 26, 2018

The “PRs” of PR: How to manage a social media crisis

Here at MediaHQ, we know first hand how powerful social media platforms have become, particularly for businesses around the world. This holds especially true in an industry like public relations, where it is used as the umbilical cord connecting an organisation to its ever-hungry public.  Social media has helped businesses not only promote themselves but

Media Tips,, PR March 5, 2018

4 steps to building a perfect media list

There’s more to building a media list than just dumping loads of random contacts together. Since I started MediaHQ over 10 years ago I’ve seen some very odd practices, including a PR practitioner who had over 800 people on one list with almost 200 bounces–many of whom were dead. He said he had only time

BBC, Journalism, Media Relations February 16, 2018

3 must follow Northern Irish journalists

Between Brexit negotiations, political struggles and numerous points of interest, there can be a lot to catch up on when it comes to Northern Ireland so it’s important that you’re following the right journalists to get accurate and up to date information. For an area encompassing only six counties, Northern Ireland boasts an impressive collection

GDPR, Media Tips, MediaHQ February 12, 2018

4 ways MediaHQ can help your PR meet GDPR standards

What is GDPR? On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into immediate effect and replace existing data law in Ireland. It ensures that any organisation that manages people’s data must be accountable and process the data in a secure and transparent manner. It will harmonise and strengthen each EU citizen’s right to data

Media, Media Tips, MediaHQ February 2, 2018

The top read stories in the Irish media this week

Want to know what everyone is reading? Which stories have captivated the nation and have kept our interest since Monday morning? MediaHQ do more than just connect you with hundreds of journalists across the country. We’re constantly monitoring the front pages and websites from all corners of the country to see what stories are getting

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