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Branding, Communications, GDPR October 19, 2018

Planning your 2019 PR Budget – here’s 3 trends to consider

At MediaHQ – we work with In-House PR teams in some of Ireland’s busiest Press Offices – organisations like the House of the Oireachtas, Paddy Power, Dublin Airport, and the Cancer Society to name just a few. So what do you need to put in your 2019 budget? Here are three ideas: Story transformation Story transformation

Communications, How To Content, Media October 18, 2018

Tailoring your PR pitch for specific audiences

What makes the news? Are there certain criteria? Is it the latest event, celebrity gossip or unexpected happenings? It may seem obvious, but what makes the news depends on the audience of that individual news organisation. Before you send out a mass pitch to hundreds of journalists and producers, bear these three things in mind:

5 minutes with the media, Communications, Content October 17, 2018

5 Minutes with the Media – Anne Marie Geraghty, Limerick’s Live 95FM

Every week we sit down with a member of the media industry for a chat with some of the country’s many talented journalists. In our 5 Minutes with the Media series you can see why they do what they do, what challenges them the most as well as their pitching tips.  In this post we speak

Communications, Irish Blogs, Media Intelligence October 4, 2018

5 ways to plan your PR strategies

A PR strategy will help you organise your PR activities and make strategic decisions about the best ways to communicate. It can also help you to use the stories in your business to draw in your target audience as well as increase your profile and build brand awareness. Here are our five tips to help

Media, Media Relations, Media Tips September 5, 2018

MediaHQ Essentials: How to monitor your email bounces to maximise your open rates

Welcome to MediaHQ Essentials, our weekly series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we are looking at how you can monitor email bounces on MediaHQ to maximise your open rates. When you send a press release with MediaHQ you can access details on its delivery rate on your MediaHQ profile.

Marketing, Media Tips September 4, 2018

Top 5 elements of successful PR email marketing strategies

Email marketing strategies are incredibly effective, when deployed in the correct manner of course. As a PR firm, you most certainly want your recipients to receive your emails. Whether you’re sending emails on behalf of your client, or even just sending out emails to try and attract new retainers, having a successful marketing strategy can

Media Tips, PR, Publishing August 23, 2018

3 quick-fire SEO tips for PR people

SEO. Heard of it before? It’s probably something which you’ve heard your marketing guy or one of your copywriters bang on about but you were too busy to pay any attention. As unimportant as it may have seemed then, you’re going to regret not taking an interest in your colleague’s work in the near future.

Media Changes, Media Intelligence, Media on the Move August 20, 2018

Monday’s MediaHQ Essentials: How to flag a contact

Welcome to the latest Monday MediaIQ, our weekly series on how to make the most of your MediaHQ. This week we are giving you a quick refresher on how to flag a contact on our system. Our system includes over 6,000 contacts and although our research team are on top of their game every now

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