Festive films

MediaHQ team’s favourite festive films


As the silly season is well underway, the MediaHQ team have put together their favourite Christmas movies/songs. Some are fairly standard, others not so much… Niamh– Media Researcher “Home Alone, either 1 or 2. Definitely not 3 and 4!” Fionn–Media Research Executive “Movies: Nightmare before Christmas – The greatest Christmas story ever told. Die Hard – […]

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calls trump email

Why calls trump email when PR pitching this Christmas


On the 11th day of the 12 Days of MediaHQ content, we explain why calls can be more beneficial than emails this Christmas. PR pitching is a task in itself and they can often go unanswered when sent to journalists and publications. While emails can be more efficient and allow you to send them to […]

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PR jokes

How to keep PR momentum going over the Christmas period


We are deep into the holiday season as it is, but over the next week or so you may be considering what you need to do to keep your PR momentum going over the Christmas/New Years period. It’s a tricky time of year, how can you focus on making the news while most people are […]

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PR jokes

PR jokes worthy of the Christmas crackers


Tis the season for awful humour. Whether you like it or not, there is something hilarious about really cheesy jokes. With the Christmas period being a busy time for most Comms teams, we wanted to lighten the mood a little. We found our favourite PR jokes that are worthy of the Christmas crackers to share […]

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Christmas Campaigns

2018’s top 5 Christmas campaigns


Each year sees the standard rising for companies creating Christmas campaigns. Some of these stories are a continuation of beloved characters from previous years, others are brand new. As competition mounts to create the most magical Christmas campaign, we picked out five brands that have crafted the best story using originality, humour and emotion. Aldi […]

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journalists' naughty list

5 ways to keep yourself off journalists’ naughty list


“He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice…” On the 6th day of MediaHQ’s 12 days of Christmas, we present you with five ways to keep yourself off a journalist’s blacklist. As a public relations professional wanting to get a story covered by a journalist, there is a fine line between impressing a media professional […]

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Pitch Perfect

How to be pitch perfect this Christmas


Unless you’re the Grinch, everyone loves Christmas carols and Christmas music, but no one likes to hear someone singing off-pitch. This is also true for media relations. Pitching well is so important. If you know exactly how to pitch to the media not only do you get your story covered and covered well, but you […]

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5 creative PR ideas for the holiday


The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us and for many organisations, this means closing down and going on holidays. However, just because the holidays are looming it doesn’t mean you need to wind down your PR activities for the year. The festive season can actually get your PR efforts stimulated to help you gain more […]

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Crisis PR

A crisis PR checklist


On the first day of Christmas MediaHQ gave to you… a special content present to help with your Crisis Communication Plan. Whether you’re digging your way out of a negative PR snow avalanche or simply need to learn how to handle a cold media s**tstorm, don’t worry, we here at MediaHQ have put together some […]

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