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Course/Training, Creativity, Marketing November 28, 2016

Get set for 2017 with one of our PR courses

Do you work in PR or marketing? Start the new year right with one of our courses. Early bird tickets are available now.

Course/Training, Media, Media Relations April 25, 2016

TV3’s Sharon McHugh on The Importance of Media Training

I’ve lost count of the amount of people in the public eye who I’ve met that claim “I don’t need media training… sure what would I need that for?” I’ve then watched the same people completely bomb in front of a TV interview or inadvertently put their foot in it in a press sit down or on

Course/Training, Creativity, Tips March 30, 2016

5 ways to be more creative at work

There are plenty of opportunities to flex your creative muscles in the communications game — after all, it’s our job to tell great stories. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t fall victim to boredom or hit a creative block.

Course/Training, Tips, Training March 24, 2016

How to prepare for a live interview

So, you’ve managed to get yourself some air time. Well done—TV and radio exposure can do wonders for boosting you and your brand’s profile. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for a live interview and ensure you get the most of your few minutes in the limelight.

Course/Training, Irish Blogs, Journalism March 23, 2016

5 reasons why brands are hiring journalists

This is a pivotal time for media and marketing. Budgets for PR, content, and marketing have increased and opportunities are plentiful. However competition for audiences attention has never been tougher. This is forcing brands to behave like publishers, create their own content and set the news agenda. The best way to think like a publisher?

Communications, Course/Training, PR March 22, 2016

Why training your in-house team is vital

In house training and development is essential for your company’s  well being and success. In order to ensure that your in-house PR or Commms team are reaching their full potential you need to ensure that their skills are regularly updated and improved. If you still need a little convincing; Here’s 3 reasons why you need

Course/Training, PR Tips March 21, 2016

3 ways to find your content sweet spot

Peel back the foil, crack through the chocolate shell and discover the creamy middle of your best blog posts. As the MediaHQ team gears up for a major sugar hit this weekend, we look at how to find your content sweet spot—the key to a successful blog.

Course/Training March 21, 2016

The power of training the trainer

As well as hosting a series of training events, MediaHQ offers bespoke packages that mine the power of training the trainer. Just because you are a whizzkid in your area of interest does not automatically make you a great trainer.

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