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Communications, Media, April 11, 2018

Media on the Move — April’s latest changes

The media industry never stands still, and with people moving jobs, retiring, and leaving the industry, it can be difficult to keep up. At MediaHQ, our research team is dedicated to updating our newsfeed with the latest media movements. Each week we provide 90+ media updates to our clients, while simultaneously updating our media contacts database.  Here are just ten Irish

Communications, Content, Journalism April 9, 2018

7 tips for writing the best press release headline

When you write a press release, the headline is everything. Those 60 to 100 characters are what make or break it. If your headline does not entice the readers to click on it, the press release is headed straight for the press release graveyard. Don’t know what that is? Read our article on online newsrooms

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media April 5, 2018

Why journalists in Ireland should be on MediaHQ

If you’re a journalist working in Ireland, here’s why we think you would benefit from being listed on MediaHQ. Firstly, how does MediaHQ work? The company started out as a media directory book but moved to an online system in 2009. MediaHQ is now a combination of a cloud-based media contacts directory and a system for sending

Communications, Content, Digital March 26, 2018

The “PRs” of PR: How to manage a social media crisis

Here at MediaHQ, we know first hand how powerful social media platforms have become, particularly for businesses around the world. This holds especially true in an industry like public relations, where it is used as the umbilical cord connecting an organisation to its ever-hungry public.  Social media has helped businesses not only promote themselves but

Communications, Digital, Digital Marketing March 14, 2018

5 simple ways to improve your PR this year

The difference between a good organisation and a great one lies in the hands of the Gods–or as we like to call them here at MediaHQ, the PR professionals. Public Relations is about building positive relationships with the public in order to obtain and maintain a good name for yourself and for your company.  PR effects

Media,, PR March 8, 2018

5 Irish women doing amazing work in the media industry #IWD2018

Here at MediaHQ, we know that women are changing the world. Strong, independent women are making history by standing up and taking their new place in society. Gone are the days of princesses being saved and the damsel in distress act, because this generation of women are their own superheroes. Today’s generation of women work

Film, Media, MediaHQ February 20, 2018

Top 5 film journalists to follow

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival starts tomorrow and runs until March 4th. The festival showcases the best talent in the film industry from both here in Ireland, as well as from abroad. On this topic, we want to take a closer look at Irish journalists doing great things for our film industry.   #1

Media, Moves, PR February 14, 2018

Irish media movements: changes and shakeups

The media industry never stands still, and with people moving jobs, retiring, and leaving the industry it can be difficult to keep up. If you’re depending on a printed book for your media lists, then it’s nearly impossible to keep your lists up to date.    At MediaHQ, we have a dedicated research team that tracks media

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