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Food, Irish Blogs, Media June 7, 2019

5 Irish Food Writers

In December 2018, the UN General Assembly declared that 7 June 2019 would become World Food Safety Day, under the theme “Food Safety, everyone’s business”. In honour of the first-ever celebration of this occasion, we at MediaHQ have decided to take a look at five popular Irish food writers to see how they’re contributing to

Brand Storytelling, Branding, Content June 4, 2019

4 ways to make your “boring” content sing

Let’s face it, not every company can have a product that instantly inspires the masses with the mere mention of its name, or from a glimpse of it on the shelf. Many companies produce incredibly essential and innovative products that may seem “boring” upon first glance. There have always been great ideas that needed to

Communications, How To Content, Media Relations August 9, 2018

Tips for working smarter with your PR software

In the technological age we’re living in there is, more often than not, a software solution for any task we are undertaking and PR activities are no different. There are PR software platforms to help you with every aspect of your campaign but if you’re not working smartly with them than they can be more

Online, Press Release, Social Media July 13, 2016

It’s 2016 and PR can do better

To kick this post off, we are taking a journey back to 2007. Ah 2007, the year Apple brought the iPhone into our  lives, we watched Ocean’s Thirteen and listened to Nelly Furtado. It’s also the year that shook many industry professionals to the core – and not because of the housing bubble and banking crisis.

Branding, Changes, Content January 19, 2016

4 Twitter trends that will be big for PR this year

Twitter is an essential tool in the arsenal of any successful PR or marketer. It’s primarily used to connect with target audiences, promote branded content and keep in touch with bloggers and other media personnel. The New Year has ushered in plenty of changes including some novel new ways to utilize the social media platform.

Communications, jobs, Media January 19, 2016

Communications and PR jobs available this week

Are you looking for a new job in PR or communications this January? Here are 3 new jobs being advertised in the communications and PR world at the moment.

Communications, Digital Marketing, December 21, 2015

Four ways you can give your blog a much needed make-over

We all know that blogging is the new content frontier, but any old blog simply won’t do. Here are four easy ways that will help give your blog a makeover:

Content, Digital News, Media October 30, 2015

The Sun online to drop paywall

The Sun website is scrapping its paywall after 2 years in a bid to keep up with its main competitors. News UK Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks announced this morning that as of November 30th, the tabloid is going to offer free online content

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