A guide to social listening: how you can infuse social media monitoring into your PR campaigns


For any PR campaign to be successful, it is important to ensure that you are conducting social listening. Social listening and social media monitoring is an essential part of PR planning and stakeholder management and research. It can help you to keep ahead of a crisis or keep up to date with your audiences best interests.

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Keep your public relations on a roll


In the world of PR, dedicating time to build your public relations is one of the first key steps one must take towards success, but this can prove overwhelming and difficult at times. Where do you start? A variety of different aspects can come into play when looking to impress journalists with your credibility, trustworthiness […]

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3 insightful ways to master the art of storytelling


What is storytelling and how can one use it to their advantage in the world of PR? Whether in a business setting or otherwise, there are many advantages tied to storytelling. Incorporating these skills into your work can help you create an unforgettable PR campaign and act as the cherry on top. It is the […]

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Tips for working smarter with your PR software


In the technological age we’re living in there is, more often than not, a software solution for any task we are undertaking and PR activities are no different. There are PR software platforms to help you with every aspect of your campaign but if you’re not working smartly with them than they can be more […]

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The “PRs” of PR: How to manage a social media crisis


Here at MediaHQ, we know first hand how powerful social media platforms have become, particularly for businesses around the world. This holds especially true in an industry like public relations, where it is used as the umbilical cord connecting an organisation to its ever-hungry public.  Social media has helped businesses not only promote themselves but […]

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Social Media

How the Media Use Social Media


All forms of media now have the potential to be instant. Be it Netflix’s latest original series or a breaking news story from the other side of the world. It’s safe to say we’re now living in an age where information can travel around the globe at lightning speed with no time or geographical barriers. […]

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The power of social media amongst travel writers


Social media has left it’s mark on ‘virtually’ every industry. It’s impact on the travel industry however is unparalleled. Thanks to the ability to now take striking images and record breathtaking videos as well as ‘checking-in’ and tweeting updates, travel has be revolutionised. The power of social media is no more evident than in these […]

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How 2 stolen bikes show the power of the social media community


Late last night I was robbed, and my two bicycles were stolen. Like most robberies it was brazen and opportunistic. They climbed through my neighbours garden and lifted out both bikes. Cycling is important to me, I do it most days. It’s one of the few things I do regularly that gives the feeling of […]

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5 of the Best Irish Business Blogs


At MediaHQ.com we are blogging advocates, we know a cracking piece of content can lead to some serious business success. We believe that everyone should be getting in on this blogging business. There are some great Irish companies already blogging up a storm, here are five of our favourites: Mick’s Garage  The guys at Mick’s […]

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