Journalist You Need To Know: Jessica Omari


What’s her beat? Jessica Omari is a Business and Economics Correspondent for ITV. Prior to this, Jessica was a Senior Producer and documentary film-maker at Reuters. She forged her early career as a self-shooting reporter in the Middle East, documenting the growing Syrian refugee crisis.   Describe her in a sentence  A fearless journalist, willing […]

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UK Media Movements: June 2020


David Bowen has left Financial Times David Bowen worked as a freelance columnist with the Financial Times for many years. He no longer works in the industry.   Anna Mikhailova is now Deputy Political Editor at The Mail on Sunday.  Anna Mikhailova has been appointed Deputy Political Editor at The Mail on Sunday. Anna is […]

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June 2020 Irish Media Movements


Kevin Beirne has joined the Irish Independent.   Kevin Beirne has left his role as a freelance journalist to take the position of Audience Editor at the Irish Independent.   Peter Woods has been appointed Head of RTÉ Radio 1.   Peter Woods has been appointed Head of Station at RTÉ Radio 1. […]

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PR Tactic: How to do an opinion vlog


What is it? It is a piece to camera video giving an opinion on a certain topic. Why do you do it? Sharing your expertise and opinion is a good way to build your profile. Video is also a good way to capture people’s limited attention. How do you do it? Here are the things […]

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The Big PR Question: How do I hire remotely for my In-House PR team


In the last quarter all of our teams have got used to working remotely. You may have muddled through with your existing team and found a way to make it work over the passing weeks. But how do you add new talent to your team successfully considering that some, or all, of your work could […]

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Quotes of the week 24th of June


“I confess I have tried not to watch too much news when I’m not at work. The relentless grimness of the Covid story started to take its toll at the height of lockdown–I found when I got home I just wanted to switch off, and not engage in more disease and bereavement.”   ITV’s Mary […]

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Podcast Episode: Hanson and Hunt – The Talking Points Podcast – The Impact Of George Floyd, Politics And PR/Social, Virtual Job Interviews.


What is the podcast? The Talking Points Podcast is produced and presented by Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt where they broadcast relevant news and advice about public relations, corporate communications, social media and marketing. This episode explores the impact of the George Floyd killing, politics and how best to navigate virtual interviews.   Where will […]

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Must Know Journalist: Emily Sheffield


What’s her beat? Emily is a renowned journalist whose career began while at the University of East Anglia in 1995. She was awarded Student Journalist of the Year while attending the college. Emily is probably best known for her time serving as Deputy Editor of British Vogue for 12 years before being made redundant. Emily […]

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Media in Focus: Be Kind


What is it in a sentence? Be Kind is a magazine that focuses on everyday sustainability with the aim to make the world a better place. How will this benefit me as a PR pro? As a PR professional, it is essential to have knowledge of a wide variety of publications as a pitch could […]

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