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Communications, Irish Journalists, Journalism May 21, 2018

Why do press releases still matter?

Press releases are a highly effective way of sharing your stories, events and news, growing your networks and creating brand reputability. Here at MediaHQ, we can help you achieve this. In a time of on-demand distribution and constant flow of news and stories, it is understandable to see why individuals and companies can push press

Media, Media Relations, MediaHQ May 18, 2018

The top read stories in the Irish media this week

Want to know what stories everyone is reading? Which stories have captivated the nation and have kept our interest since Monday morning? MediaHQ does more than just connect you with hundreds of journalists across the country. We’re constantly monitoring the front pages and websites from all corners of the country to see what stories are

Communications, Media Relations, PR Pain Points May 17, 2018

PR Pro: How to build lasting relations with journalists

PR pros (such as yourselves) are now living in a world where technology now automates the majority of our daily tasks. Simple features such as scheduling press releases for automatic release (wink, wink) have allowed us to seize back some of that vital time that desperately slips from our grasp on a daily basis as

5 minutes with the media, Communications, Irish Journalists May 16, 2018

5 Minutes with the Media – Cara Croke, STELLAR

Every week here at MediaHQ we chat with a member of the media landscape to get an insight into what’s it’s like to work in the Irish industry. We also get the best pitching tips and tricks for PR Pros. This week we’re chatting to Cara Croke, Editorial Intern with STELLAR magazine.  What is your current

GDPR, Lists, Media on the Move May 16, 2018

5 ways our list hub can help PR Pros work smarter

Media lists are essential for PR and every professional has at least one. It might be a cluttered spreadsheet or a few spreadsheets. But here at MediaHQ, we want to change how PR pros handle their media lists for the better.  It’s difficult on the best of days to keep your media lists up to date, with journalists

Featured Journalist, Journalism, May 15, 2018

5 Irish journalists succeeding abroad

For some, Ireland is perceived as a remote island filled with home-birds. While our reputation abroad might be more Father Ted than Mad Men, this certainly hasn’t stopped Irish journalists from making waves on the international scene. Here’s a look at five Irish journalists who’ve forged successful careers beyond the Emerald Isle: 1. Declan Walsh – Cairo

Grammar Happy, How To Content May 14, 2018

Grammar Happy: The Imperative Mood

The Imperative Mood Keep your copy clean with our latest Grammar Happy post — learn how to identify the imperative mood. This is the second part of our three-part series on grammatical moods. This first part covered the basics of grammatical moods and explained how to use the indicative mood. If you haven’t already read the first

Media Intelligence, Media on the Move, Media Relations May 11, 2018

Media on the Move: May’s latest media movements

The media industry never stands still, and with people moving jobs, retiring, and leaving the industry, it can be difficult to keep up. At MediaHQ, we have a research team dedicated updating our newsfeed with the latest media movements. Last week alone we provided 90+ updates to our clients, as well as making well over

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